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TeamViewer Commercial Use Detected

If you face problem in remote support and online meeting then learn here the ways to fix error:Teamviewer commercial use detected. 

How To Fix Error:TeamViewer Commercial Use Detected

Remote support and the online meetings require software that aids the tasks go hassle free. TeamViewer is the program that is an integrated and all in one solution for these. The users can open multiple tabs during the sessions, the same way you can deal with your browsers. In the remote computer, it is also possible and easy to open the monitors in various tabs, which let you get an overview.

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TeamViewer’s Use in the Commercial Environment

For non-commercial and personal uses, TeamViewer is available for free. The business owners and those who want to use the program for commercial purposes comply with the rules and buy a license. The company is taking needed steps to ensure that the software is not used much for free of cost in the commercial arena. You need to know that TeamViewer keeps a watch on the use of the software by different users. When the software is used in the business environment or the commercial environments very often, a warning message appears.

  • What is commercial use?

Wherever the money is involved, it is called commercial use. Whenever TeamViewer is used in any of the job related issues, it can be said that the software is used in a commercial environment.

Instances for non-commercial issues:

  • Aiding in resolving issues for friends and relatives.

  • Using the software to connect your private use with home, school or college.

Commercial Use Examples:

  • Connecting with the server from home to office

  • Helping the colleagues and friends at workplace.

The support staff of TeamViewer is eager to help, if you want to know in detail about these usages.

Popup Warnings for TeamViewer Commercial Use Detected

A commercial license is the only way to stop the warnings that pop up. This is because the warnings are generated automatically and they come up because of the improper use, which is put to an end with buying of a license. At times, chances are there TeamViewer can come up with false detection even though you comply with the rules. This can lead to a limitation in connectivity. When you encounter such problems, do not hesitate to contact the support staff. You need to tell about the problem, TeamViewer ID and you can see their staff unblocking the software for you, or coming up with the actual reason.

You can find no other software that is equal to TeamViewer for sharing remote access, and remote desktop sharing. But, make it sure that you do not use this watch TV or movies, which is a violation of the license.

There are instances, where you would find TeamViewer to be of ultimate help. You can see that the software coming handy when you need to help someone who is far off. For example, you get a call from your friend that she has problems with her PC. You try to explain how to deal with this over the call, but in vain. When you have TeamViewer installed and your friend too has one, then it is easy to see that the software letting your friend know what is the problem all about and how to fix it. You can fix it for her as you can do it for your PC.

Recently, most of the users came up with the problem that the warning message, Commercial Use Suspected popup even when there is no commercial usage. If you are using for personal purposes, no license is required. When you get a warning in spite of using it for personal uses, you can contact the TeamViewer team.


Here is a way to solve this. But, only if you cannot contact the team or you do not get an answer try this.

  • If TeamViewer is running, close it.

  • Go to Start –> Run –> type %appdata% –> delete TeamViewer folder

  • Find this registry folder, hkcu/software/TeamViewer and hklm/software/teamviewer and delete it.

  • Then change the MAC address of the LAN card

  • Restart TeamViewer and you would have got a new ID and the problem would have been resolved.

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