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How To Fix Error: This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

If you have bought a new PC then after a free licensed period you may get a error message: This copy of windows is not genuine. Learn here how to install a genuine windows in PC.

The activation of the Windows (defining whether it is genuine and licensed and used in line with the Microsoft Software Licensing Terms) needs to be completed within a specified time after you have installed a Windows Operating System or got home a preloaded PC. Failing to which, you might encounter the message ‘this copy of windows is not genuine’. If this issue is not rectified, it will keep recurring with your desktop turning black (similar to attached screenshot). Now, if you are a newbie with computers you might get stumped and convinced that you got home a dud! However if you dig in a little more you will make this error look silly and solve it in minutes.


Let’s Fix-IT

  • Verify Genuine – Although it is an out of the box computer, it is worthwhile to check whether the copy of Windows you are running is genuine or not from the link .If the genuine check passes successfully proceed towards the Activation process by following any of the methods mentioned below> Via PhoneAlternatively, hit Start> Control Panel > System > Windows Activation> Click Here to access the same.Note** The computer must be connected to the internet to complete this task
  • Reinitialize the license file if you feel it is broken:Run the command from an elevated(Administrative) command prompt and execute the command, slmgr /rilc
  • Reset the Key Activation Timers and restore the OS to the factory build license state

    Run a command prompt as an administrator and run the command
    “slmgr /rearm”. This action will bring up a confirmation dialogue box. Click OK and Restart the PC.
  • Uninstall update “KB971033”Although the update was initially slated to check whether a legal copy of Windows is running on the PC. This update has gone kaput for many users. Installation of this update has led to the annoying warning message and black screeneven with a legit Windows copy. It is advisable to uninstall the update by following the steps below;

    Start>Control panel >Windows Update> View Installed Updates>From the List of Installed updates choose <
    KB971033> and click the Uninstall button> Confirm the uninstall Action by restarting the computer.
  • Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diag Tool (MGADiag.exe) If you continue to receive the error message even after executing all the steps mentioned above and certain of running a Genuine Windows Copy, the final step is to download and run the MGADiag,exe utility from the link This diagnostic utility basically runs a series of checks and delivers a detailed summary about the Microsoft Genuine Advantage components installed in the PC and your PC’s native settings. You could copy the report summary into a notepad and raise a support ticket with Microsoft by following the below link:** This utility is also known to auto remediate problems.This copy of windows is not genuine fix as mentioned above works for most of the occasions however, if you are still struggling. There must be something seriously wrong and would need certain technical expertise to resolve the issue. Recovering/Formatting the PC would fix it, but only temporarily.
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