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First Ever Successful Drone Delivery of a Donated Kidney – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


First Ever Successful Drone Delivery of a Donated Kidney, A Good Sign for the Future?

For the first time ever a drone delivered a donated kidney that was successfully transplanted. The operation took place in Universit of Maryland Medical Center. The drone was developed by researchers, doctors, and scientists from Maryland University. Kidney transplant is a complex procedure just like any other human organ transplantation. This latest development has succeeded to break many records and make a mark in history. Drone delivery of parcels might be the rage but the delivery of a working human organ was unheard till now. The operation was conducted last week and has set a new course for society. Here is the full story.



iPhone’s Record-Breaking Low Sales, What’s Apple Doing?

The latest data of the previous three months shows the steepest 17% drop in iPhone sales. This is the first time that Apple’s iPhone has dropped in sales so low so fast. However, CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone sales jumped in March after the price cut in China. Apple had warned its shareholders about the falling sales figure of iPhone. But the price cut in China has somewhat controlled the damage. Link.



$356 M in Cryptocurrencies Stolen in Frist Quarter of 2019, Are Yours Safe?

The cryptocurrency thieves have been able to steal $356 million worth of virtual currencies in the first three months of 2019, according to analytics research firm CipherTrace. Link.



Will You Purchase an 8K TV With 5G Tech? Huawei Planning It Already

Image Credits: Flickr CCS Insight

Huawei is increasingly targeting the top spot in the consumer electronics segment by targeting Samsung. According to rumours, Huawei is already working on a TV that would have an 8K display with built-in 5G connectivity. This would make it the first consumer electronics company to do so. The 5G will make the use of cable set-top boxes and home internet connections obsolete. The TV might get launched as soon as this year. Link.



Russia Sings Law to Disconnect Internet From the Outside World

Russia has passed a law that will require the ISPs in its country to put restrictions on foreign servers. The new internet law won’t entirely disconnect Russia from the rest of the world but it will have enormous control over the flow of data and information from foreign servers. The ISP’s will now route traffic from Russia-based servers. It’s an important step as it will allow the government to censor anything that it sees inappropriate.


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