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First Ever 3D Printed Heart – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


First Ever 3D Printed Heart, With Actual Human Tissue

Image Credits: Times of Israel
Researchers at Tel Aviv University have claimed that they have successfully 3D printed an actual human heart with human heart tissue. The scientists said that this is a breakthrough in the field of medical science and will change the organ transplant in the future. According to the researchers, the tech is still far away from a human trail but it opens up the opportunity for a 3D printed heart transplantation in the future. Before this, some people have been able to produce 3D printed heart, but not with actual human tissue that has blood vessels and cells. Hospitals around the world within the next ten years will start to print organs, but will begin with simple organs, researchers said. As reported by The Times of Israel.


Will China Become the World Leader in Autonomous Tech? Yes, Says VW

Image Credits: Flickr SAUD AL-OLAYAN

According to the German car maker Volkswagen, China is likely to become the hub for autonomous car software development. VW said that China has a rich talent of software developers that focus on this field. The same cannot be said about other countries. As reported by Reuters.



Facebook Is Doing It Again — Copying Snapchat

Facebook might roll out a feature that will combine news articles with stories. In short the ‘story feed.’ The feature is similar to the one available on Snapchat. This is not the first time that Facebook is doing this. WeChat had done something similar by copying Snapchat Stories. Till now Snapchat had seemed unable to cope with these copycats, but recently it introduced the sharing feature on its platform for Stories. Link.



Is Google Chrome Sabotaging Other Browsers?

Image Credits: Flickr teadaniel

Google Chrome is the world’s number one web browser. It has the best features and a lot to offer both to normal consumers and developers alike. But recently, it has come under fire for its undesirable ways to sabotage other web browsers. For example, the Mozilla executive has lashed out at the internet giant, slamming it for finding ways to promote Chrome through less-than-desirable ways. Link.



San Francisco Might Become the First City to Ban Facial Recognition Tech

Through the passage of Stop Secret Surveillance ordinance, San Francisco might just become the first city in the world to ban facial recognition technology. There is another round of vote pending after that the ordinance will come into force. Recently, several AI researchers pointed towards Amazon’s flawed facial recognition tech. They said that the technology has racist bias built in and asked for the removal of such systems, till a solution is found. Amazon shareholders will vote on this issue and will decide the fate of it. However, if the San Francisco passes this bill there will be no business for this tech in the city.

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