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A ‘Must Have’ accessory for a ‘Digital Home’ : Fingerprint Lock

axxisIn this article we will tell you about fingerprint lock axxis biometrics. This digital security system lets you open the door lock with a finger touch.

We have gone so ‘Digital’ these days that ‘Digital Home‘,a term that used to represent ‘the future of living’ few years back has now started becoming a necessity for millions across the globe.

And talking about the primary elements that constitute a ‘Digital Home’,one always thinks of a different sort of security standards that are powered by newer technologies and add a stronger layer of security to the existing standards.

So here’s  a gizmo/equipment that won a prestigious award for innovation at Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2007 (Here’s our 2009’s CES coverage) and ready to be termed as ‘Next generation Digital security’……Fingerprint lock by Axxis Biometrics.

This digital security system lets you open the door lock with a finger touch.You can have multiple members of your family pre-programmed in the digital security system,allowing access to reliable and limited group of people.

What’s the buzz !

This is all the rage among homebuyers these days,specially those,who tend to forget their house keys here and there.You can always loose your key but you always have your finger with you.


And if there are children at home who’re little careless about house keys,such a system might prove a better option.

What’s unique about it

There’s a provision that you can program people(apart from regular ones) to allow them temporary access during specific time slots.This is a unique and a high utility feature that comes into action when you’re away and allowing access to specific people for a limited duration.This is a feature that’s missing out of many other fingerprint locks manufacturers.Overall,it’s something that a ‘Digital Home’ can’t do without.

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