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‘CribSocial’ Helps You Getting Back To “Real World Socializing”

Find local friends cribsocial. Cribsocial is a website that’s meant to serve one single purpose.Helping you find local buddies to actually(not virtually) socialize with.

All of us take pride in living into the Internet Age and there are countless reasons why Internet has almost become as critical part of our lives as electricity or water supply.

We can do almost everything online. From filing tax returns to paying mobile phone bills, from booking advance train/flight/movie tickets to doing business communication, internet is an all-purpose solution to getting things done today.

Considering the last five years or so, any netizen would admit to being regular(or addicted) to some social networking site(Facebook?) or the other(regional sites). Nowadays, most of us prefer socializing virtually than actually.

But many of us silently complain about the Social Networking Fatigue that most of us are afflicted with. In simple words, we are so much into this Online socializing thing that we just need a break from it.

We need to get back to the basics. We need to socialize…..but Actually, not just virtually.

And today, we have got a website that’s purposely meant to help you Socialize actually(rather than virtually).

Meet CribSocial. (i am glad that it’s not a JASN (Just Another Social Network)

Cribsocial is a website that’s meant to serve one single purpose…Helping you find local buddies to actually(not virtually) socialize with.

For instance, you might be seeking a partner to catch a movie in a theatre, struggling for a partner to join you on the dance floor, missing your cousin on the pool table or just want to have a cup of coffee outside your home with anyone who is locally available and equally interested in the concerned activity. But it’s just too hard for you to pair up with that “locally available” and “equally interested” guy/girl for socializing in real sense.

If that’s the case with you then you badly need Cribsocial.

CribSocial asks for the bare minimum details about you, your location, interests, profession etc and helps you locate folks near your residence who’re also seeking a companion for similar activity.

CribSocial’s future growth depends largely on heavy duty marketing efforts as it’s not a typical social network where friends attract friends(known). But once grown to a decent extent, the fruits may be well worth it.

CribSocial is currently open for U.S. audience only so if you’re a U.S. resident, you must check out Cribsocial and see if you’ve got any nearby guy who’s there to give you a company, whenever needed.

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