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Finance Accounting- Review

financeStarting your own business does not need much training, but if you think that you need to work on the finance and accounts part, is it possible to learn it? Though the fire is in you, devoting time for the same can be a real tedious job. So what can you do? Do not worry, for the world is ruled by the software and computer technology. There is the app from Apple iTunes for the same.

You can get the job done in a relaxed manner, and trust the software for all accounting related queries. Not only for the business accounting needs, but also for the professional looking invoices, and making a note of the expenses in a hassle free manner is what one has to look for. When you are trying the same with MS Excel, for you would find it difficult to maintain it other ways, you will see that this app makes it easy for you by all means.

There are the pros that certainly allure the users. Many small business owners have already joined the list of the app users. The app has a free trial period too. You can manage finance, accounting, costs, revenues, debts, and keep a track of the finances in an effective way. Here are the pros of using the app from the

The ease of use, simplicity and functional features of the app, are captivating. But simply these cannot make the app successful and widely preferred.

Let us check out the reasons for why this app has become so popular-


When you are using an app, it is essential to find that if it would be fast enough to meet your needs. In case of this app, you can see that the cost, revenue, debts, and your accounts can be recorded faster and can be shared easily too. The data can be got in any required shape. Even if you want to open it very frequently, you need not compromise on the speed. You can even open it faster as the most commonly used function. You can modify, enter and do anything to the data by looking at the previous entries quickly.


The data is completely secured with the encryption. It can be automatically synced to all the digital devices. All the accounts on all the devices can be deleted with the single click.


You can share the data using the MS Excel sheet, spreadsheets, emails, and can make use of the data on all computing devices. Any device that supports MS Excel can be used for this. The rows you can write can be of any numbers, and, in fact, there are infinite rows. You can edit the account at any point of time. You can get it in the form of graphs, for analyzing the finances are available in an easy to understand the manner in the iPad. You can also check who owns the current authority of the data in the Excel sheet. The bugs are fixed in the new version and diagrams in iPhone are also added.

Bottom Line

Finance accounting is an efficient app made by Vitaly Scherbakov, which can help you in managing your finances in an easy and simple way. It would be adding more customers in future as in the next update the important data can be highlighted in different colors.

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