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Finally, a True Tesla Model 3 Rival is Here, The Polestar 2 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Finally, a True Tesla Model 3 Rival is Here, The Polestar 2 – Will It Steal Tesla’s Buyers?

Image Credits: Polestar 2 website

Volvo has revealed the Tesla Model 3 rival, The Polestar 2 on Wednesday. The car is the first offering from Volvo that will go into mass production and will start selling from 2020 onwards. It will cost around $45,000. The Polestar 2 is the first launch in this segment that will broaden the choice for the consumers, looking to purchase a luxury electric car. Polestar can go fast, with 400 horsepowers, it can clock 100 kph in 5 seconds. This is the first time for a car to feature an Android music system and will have Google Assistant pre-installed. Volvo will build Polestar 2 in China.



Facebook and Twitter Ban Far Right Wing Activists for Hate Speech

Image Credits: Tommy Robinson

Twitter and Facebook have banned two far right-wing activists for fake accounts and spreading hate speech. Tommy Robinson and Jacob Wohl’s accounts were removed from the social media platform after it was reported that they were spreading conspiracy theories and inciting hatred among people. Jacob’s account has been removed from Twitter and Tommy Robinson who founded the English Defence League is now removed from Facebook.



FedEx Robot to Deliver your Pizza, Experimenting with Last Mile Delivery

Image Credits: FedEx

FedEx is going to test its last mile delivery robot this summer. It has partnered with several of its existing clients. Interesting ones are Walmart and Pizza Hut. In a drive to bring down cost, the shipping companies are looking towards the automation way. One of the most challenging aspects of delivering goods is the last mile delivery woes, which is also the most time consuming and high in cost. From robots to self-driving cars, these companies will continue to experiment with the latest technologies to overcome last mile hurdles.



FTC Slaps $5.7 Million Fine on TikTok for Privacy Violation, Will It Have any Effect?

Image Credits: TikTok

TikTok will end up paying $5.7 million to settle accusations levelled upon it for violating children’s privacy law. The fine is imposed by the Federal Trade Commission. Formally known as, will now require parents approval for users who are below 13 years of age. Also, all the videos of children below the age of 13 will now need to be removed according to federal law. The FTC has said that the app illegally acquired the information of children. Besides, the fine, TikTok reportedly is uploading safety videos on its platform. It seems, after reaching 1 billion downloads, the app maker feels the need to do such a thing.



Boeing’s Autonomous Fighter Jet is Coming, Are You Excited?

Image Credits: Boeing

By 2020, Boeing’s autonomous fighter jet will take to the skies. The specially designed autonomous aircraft will fly alongside the human-piloted jets during combat missions. It will be capable of performing warning tests, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and reconnaissance. It is being built in Australia. The technology will help to mitigate the risks. If more autonomous planes take to the skies it will reduce harm towards human pilots.


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