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‘FeedbackJar’ Urges Merchants To Become ‘Customer Respondents’ On Web

feedbackjarThis article is about feedbackjar customer feedback portal. FeedbackJar brings merchants and customers on the same table and resolve the issues mutually.

If you’re one of those folks who would like to share your experiences with the merchants(mostly local) you deal with, to help other customers stay aware and also to resolve the issues with the merchant involved then you can give a shot to FeedbackJar.

FeedbackJar is a web service that works somewhat similar to Yelp, a community review service but tries to innovate further, by bringing merchants and customers on the same table and resolve the issues mutually.

As Merchants would never want any negative feedbacks about their product or service, any poor feedback from the customers will put merchants under pressure and will force them to confront the poor feedback and sort of pledge publicly to improve the customer experience in future.

But sometimes, out of rage, many folks start defaming merchants on web and do warm to merchant’s hard-earned reputation. In such a case, FeedbackJar also empowers merchants to defend themselves from any negative feedback that doesn’t belong to their service at all. As FeedbackJar not only puts customers but also the merchants on the same  platform, it appears more like a “Crowdsourced customer support community”.

The problem with FeedbackJar is its close resemblance with a much popular service, Yelp. FeedbackJar won’t really be able to attract merchants, if it doesn’t attract houseful of customers(mostly annoyed ones) on the portal but annoyed customers might be lethargic to pour in their feedback on yet another Feedback community (as there are so many feedback platforms already).

If the initial customerbase grows well, FeedbackJar can pick up the pace and accelerate further. It’s solely upon them to build that initial thrust for success.

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