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Facebook Stories unlocked for public sharing – More power for creators?

Facebook is looking to start something similar to what Snapchat does. It is going to allow the stars of social media to make their Stories go public. Facebook launched Facebook Stories in March 2017. Back then it was available to publish stories within the subset of friends in the circle. However, now Facebook allows the public to see your Stories if you allow public followers to have access to the same. This, in turn, means Facebook will add more power for the content creators.

The Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the news. The Stories now have the public settings. Therefore now anyone can share their Stories with the followers.

Facebook now has the power similar to what Snapcvhat and Instagram does. Celebrities can make use of Facebook to spread their message across a wider audience with the help of the platform. Further, Facebook is making sure that this feature is not missed out. As the stories published for public access is made to stand out. Some have suggested that they are seeing more engagement with the followers.

Facebook will add more power for the content creators

It will be interesting to see how it will all pans out. As Facebook already has several features to share your life with the world. Besides, if someone wants to tell a story they have Snapchat or Instagram. Therefore whether this experiment will succeed or not depends on time and user response.

The addition of public Stories has a different agenda altogether. As Facebook will add more power for the content creators. Adding some more delightful photo and videos in a slideshow format. Journalists can make use of this new feature in great ways. Their followers can use it to better comprehend the stories. A 360-degree approach to tackle news items. An immersive way of looking at the news is possible through Facebook now.

A novice might find it difficult to spread his or her audience given that the celebrities will already have a massive following. They will command the traffic flow. However, still, there is a chance. A new user can learn the tricks and come out with intelligent Stories to tell. With the help of creativity. There is a chance to make it big with the Facebook Stories. Further, the rise of AR will guide the creation of content on the social media in future. Facebook has clearly understood it and is looking forward to incorporating the content creators into its fold. In effect, this move by Facebook has a much larger strategy in place.

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