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Facebook News Feed was hit by a bug, promoting harmful content and misinformation for Several months

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel that every technology enthusiast should know and keep a tab on


Facebook News Feed was hit by a bug, promoting harmful content and misinformation

Image Credits: Flickr BipHoo Company

Last year, a bug in Facebook News feed caused algorithm to malfunction, eventually promoting harmful and misinformation in the users news feed for several months. According to The Verge, this bug was primarily active since last year October and largely went unnoticed. All because of this bug, Facebook news feed saw a massive surge in the content related to violence, nudity and even Russian state media propaganda. Conventionally, such harmful and misinformation content should have been demoted and less visible in the news feed.


Sharing Youtube videos on Snapchat is now much easier

Snapchat on Thursday said that it is rolling out a new feature on Android and IOS apps that will allow users to share their favorite Youtube videos directly from their Youtube app. This means that now Snapchat users no longer have to manually copy and paste Youtube link to watch Youtube videos on Snapchat platform. Besides, Snapchat users can share the videos without having to leave the Youtube app. Henceforth Snapchat users can share the videos with the help of Youtube sticker or directly from the Snapchat camera. However, this Snapchat feature is probably is currently available only in selected countries.


Clubhouse launches new feature to help Russians to speak openly against the Ukraine war

Clubhouse has launched a new feature that will allow its users to protect their profile essentially from people who want to bully or curb their freedom of speech. Clubhouse has said that this new feature has been launched with the intention of encouraging people (especially the Russians) to speak openly against Russia’s military invasion against Ukraine. Once this protection feature is active, no one other than your followers can see your Clubhouse profile or your past conversation (Read more)


Apple launches a new subscription service for small businesses in the U.S

With the aim of increasing its subscription business, Apple has launched a monthly subscription based service ‘Business Essential’ for small businesses in the U.S. Business Essential monthly plans will be ranging from $2.99 month to $24.99 per employee. Its main services include simplifying device management, giving access to iCloud storage, onboarding employees, repairing Apple laptops and smart phones so and so forth (Read more)


Intel acquires AI startup Granulate for $650 Mn


Chip manufacturer Intel has announced that it is all set to acquire Israeli AI startup Granulate reportedly for $650 Mn. Granulate is essentially a workload optimization startup that leverages the power of AI. In simple words, Granulate applies AI to high-priority computing workloads and ensure that they travel seamlessly across customers cloud and on-premise networks (Read more)

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