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Facebook Mulling News Tab for High-Quality News – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Facebook Mulling News Tab for High-Quality News, Might Even Pay for Good Journalism

Mark Zuckerberg siting on a chair
Image Credits: Flickr wwwes

In an interview, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that his company is looking to introduce a dedicated tab for news articles. According to him, the social network site has a 10 to 15 % of visitors who are interested in news stories. Also, Facebook is considering to pay for good journalistic pieces on its site. This is to appease the recent outrage against the internet firms who show clippings of news items and generate revenue. The interview was given to Axel Springer, which is a German-based media giant. As reported on Japan Today.



Gmail Introduces Email Scheduling on Its 15th Birthday

Image Credits: Google

While Google is busy closing down several apps this year, it has gladly brought email scheduling to Gmail. The good news came on the 15th year of inception of Gmail. Google announced this latest addition on its blog. You can access the send later option if it’s been enabled for your Gmail account. Otherwise, wait for the update. The scheduling feature will soon come to all. This feature will really come handy for those who seek to send emails in different time zones.



Singapore Is Bringing Anti-Fake News Law, How Effective Is It?

Image Credits: Unsplash Philip Strong

Singapore is going to launch a new law that will target fake news and will allow a government official to remove it from the site. Some critics have argued that the city-state is already tightly controlled and this latest law will further stifle the news outlets. As reported in The Guardian.



A Major Driverless Car Test Is Underway in London

Image Credits: Five.AI

London is going to witness a major driverless car test. But not to worry, the cars will have a human driver to control it if things go haywire. FiveAI is the company behind these trails and will start passenger trails by 2020. There will be five autonomous cars that will ride across London city 24×7. The company was awarded $12 million by the UK government in 2017. As reported by the Independent.



Lyft’s Bumpy Stock Market Ride After the IPO, Is It Normal?

Image Credits: Flickr

Lyft’s stock price has fallen below its initial price offering on the second day of trade in the stock market. The total loss is 12% in its price since the day of its stock market launch. This isn’t unusual as other startups such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Groupon too fell below the IPO prices in the initial days of trading. As reported on the NYT.


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