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All that you need to know about Facebook group cover photo size

Facebook is a happening place these days. Not only is it used to stay in touch with your friends, but brands can connect with their customers too. The creation of groups and Facebook advertising are two of the most prominent methods companies use to keep their brand recognized. However, not many people know that the correct Facebook group cover photo size makes all the difference to the impression you create.

All that you need to know about Facebook group cover photo size

The image should be attractive and a clear representation of your group’s purpose, but most importantly, it should be the correct size. Facebook keeps changing the exact guidelines of Facebook group cover photos, and it is hard for any brand to keep up. To help you in this, we have compiled a list of all the specifics you must keep in mind while changing your Facebook group cover photo.


Why is my Facebook group cover photo size so crucial?

The Facebook group header size is the first thing any customer visiting your Facebook page sees. It is stretched across your entire Facebook group cover page and is even more significant than the profile photo. Apart from that, the Facebook group photo also conveys what your group’s message is and what it is actually targeting to achieve.

A solid cover photo actually works wonders in establishing your authority and showing that you are committed to promoting your brand. If you have kept your Facebook group closed, the outsiders only get to see your Group cover before deciding to join or not. A wrong size image can make or break impressions depending on how you choose to use it.

It is better to skip using generic photos, as many people are already using them as their group images. In case you are a brand, then use a Facebook cover photo that emphasizes what your brand is all about, its legacy, services, and products.


What are the ideal Facebook group cover photo dimensions?

The ideal size of the photo should be with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 or 1,640-pixels-wide by 856-pixels-tall. If you want maximum users to notice you and minimum auto-cropping make sure that you adhere to these guidelines. In reality, a considerable percentage of people access their FB from their phones and mobiles. This means that the photo size you select should be such that it is visible to even people who access the platform on Mobiles and smartphones.

Facebook group cover photo dimensions

Facebook will not interfere with your cover photo quality or stretch it in any form. Instead, it will just crop your cover photo. Instead, it will just crop your cover photo as per your requirement. On mobile phones, the image will appear in its complete form, but when you see it on the desktop, it is cropped from the top and bottom.

Suppose you want your image to go as it is better to stick to the ideal Facebook group cover photo size. In the past few years, Facebook has modified the size of the group photo many times. In the year 2017, Facebook changed it to a size that looked great on desktops and pathetic on smartphones. They again had similar problems with their 2018 update. However, the present update rectified all issues, and it is now here to stay.


How can you create the perfect Facebook group cover photo

If you are confused about creating the perfect Facebook group cover photo, you must follow the below steps.

Create the concept

You have to first understand what the purpose of your Facebook group is. Who it is targeting, and what you want to achieve with it? Having a clear bait or hook proves helpful, and you may even offer a freebie for guests to join your Facebook group.

By creating this group, you want to target the right audience who will notice your brand, product, or services. This will happen only if you can convince the audiences why they should invest their time or money in you.

Using the right resolution

The next step in setting the Facebook group cover is to find the correct resolution. This is really crucial; otherwise, your image will appear blurry and hazy. So ensure that the size of your image remains constant at 1640×856 pixels. Next, download the picture and import it into the Canva account you have.

Uploading a picture to your Facebook group cover is very easy. From News Feed, click on Groups and then choose your group. Click Upload photo or select an image to choose from your Facebook photos and save it.

Editing the image in Canva

You don’t have to be Pro to create the perfect group cover photo size.  Just follow the above tricks on Canva, and you are done.

  • Open Canva and select the “Facebook Cover” design option.
  • Select from the various professionally created Facebook cover layout.
  • Choose from the different images, or you can upload your own photo.
  • Edit the picture, text and add some interesting filters to it.
  • Save and share this image

Change the group cover image when an event approaches

If there is any future event coming up, make sure that you change your group cover as well. By doing that, you create a buzz in the group, and your participants eagerly wait for the said occasion. Apart from that, doing this also serves as a reminder, so the chances of them forgetting are minimized.

Promote brands on your Group cover photo

You can tie up with brands and add their images to your Facebook group cover photo size. This expands the brand reach and informs the other guests about any future conversations and events. The more attractive you make this cover page, the higher are the chances of new participants joining your group.

Project group member’s photos on the cover photo

This is particularly impactful when you have a hobby or food group. You can everyday showcase one member’s talent or share his/her recipe and spread the buzz. By doing that, you remain in the good books of the other members and also garner huge engagement on the platform.

Update the cover page regularly

If you keep the same cover page on your Facebook group for a long time, the guests start losing interest in it. As it is, you have to make your Facebook group a happening place. Why not incorporate the same thought in your Facebook group cover photo as well. Change the image as frequently as you can. However, maintain one image for a sufficient time so that the guests are able to understand and grasp its essence in your group.

Avoid using small elements or visuals in the cover photo

You must ensure that whatever elements you are using in the cover photo is big enough to be seen on the mobile as well. These days customers lose interest very quickly, and if they notice something that they are unable to understand, they would clearly move on to some other competitor.


Tips for creating the perfect Facebook Group cover photo

Apart from focussing on the Facebook group cover photo size, there are a few points that you may keep in mind while setting up the same.

  • Add a short description-One of the biggest purposes of your image is to attract attention. Sometimes it is beneficial to add text to the visual part so the readers can understand what you are trying to say. You do not have to write lots of information; just a simple line would suffice your purpose.


  • Using only high-quality images- Minimalism is the need of the day, and choose your picture with that thought in mind. Simple high-resolution photos should be given priority. They position your main content on the front and center without distracting the audience.


  • Keep relevant information away from places that would be cropped- Even if you use the correct Facebook group cover photo dimensions, the image will be trimmed when it is seen on the mobile. To avoid that situation, you should take care that you do not write anything meaningful in areas that are likely to be cropped. Just use white space or empty design elements to fill the topmost and bottom parts.


  • Using branding- If the Facebook group is connected with a brand, it is wise to show the same. Many brands incorporate the details of their logo in the cover photo. So when a visitor reaches the page, they know the company is associated with the same.


  • Feature your products- Nothing can go wrong if you decide to use your product photo in the cover photo. Moreover, it just saves your time and money as you do not have to look around for an enticing image. Just ensure that the product image is complete and displays it in totality.


  • Creating a slide show of images- You could also create a slide show of images so that the customers are not bored of seeing the same thing repeatedly. In order to add multiple images, add a single image, then click on the camera icon. The menu will come forward on which you have to click “Edit Slideshow.” In case you are still not very sure about which photos you should include in the Facebook group cover photo size slideshow; you can let Facebook select the images on its own. All you have to do is to use the toggle that you can see in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


  • Create a GIF- Any animation or GIF is sure to get you the attention you want. There are multiple tools online like Giphy Capture that help you do so. Once done, you can upload them as your Facebook group cover photo.


Facebook group thumbnail previews

When you look for preview, you will see tiny previews alongside. Last year they were changed from a circle to a round-cornered square. This year they appear as circles sometimes and round cornered squares at times. As a result, some previews are easily noticed while others are plainly confusing.

Where does the Facebook group thumbnail preview come from

The preview is usually grabbed from the center of your banner. But if you already have a strong focal point in your Facebook group cover photo, then they will pick it from there. To get them to choose the best photo for preview, just follow the tips:

  • Keep it simple, as that is the easiest way to go.
  • Center an image that communicates your point very clearly.
  • Include a powerful visual element so Facebook can easily pull it out.
  • Cut out the additional text or just reduce its size so that the main message is clearly visible.

Facebook Gradient on Desktop

Another aspect you should pay real attention to while creating the new Facebook group cover photo size is the concept of Facebook gradient. On Desktop displays, Facebook pulls a single color from the top sides of the group banner. After this, it creates a gradient that stretches towards both sides of the image.

In case your cover image has separate colors on both sides, this gradient may look odd and unbalanced. If your photo has contrasting colors in its edges that contrast with your brand image, this concept does not look quite neat.

10 Facebook group cover photo resources


At the end of it all, you need a fantastic resource from where you can derive images on a regular basis. This is important as your Facebook group cover photo cannot be repeated, and for that, unique images are required every now and then. Though you will find many such resources online, only a few of them are trustworthy, and here we mention them.

  1. Bannersnack

Bannersnack claims that they are the best online banner makers ever. Their collection has thousands of banner templates that you can pick from at any time. All the templates shared here are customizable so that you can modify them as per your choice. You can add a personal touch or just insert some basic additions to the image. Using these templates, you get the feel as if you are the one who is designing these templates instead of using a resource. What’s more, all these templates are absolutely free, and you can use them without paying any money. You just have to sign up and get a Facebook group banner for your use.

  1. Adobe spark post

Again this is a free Facebook group cover creator platform and has the backing of a solid company like Adobe behind it. To begin, you have to select the ideal size of the banner, which is 1640 pixels by 856 pixels, as already mentioned. Later you can make it more enticing and exciting by adding elements to it. Add an attractive image, or just perk it up with a valuable quote. The options are many, and it is solely up to you as to how you want to play around with it. The variety of banners is interesting, and you will never get bored of the choices.


At Snappa, you get the most exciting experience of creating a Facebook group cover photo. There are many professionally designed templates, and you can update them as frequently as you want. Easily customizable, you can modify these images, graphics, templates, and texts to create the perfect banner. Plus, the website boasts of having a fantastic collection of 3,000,000 high-resolution stock-free photos that you can use. Since the collection is so huge, there is no chance you will not get what you were looking for.

  1. Crello

Crello again is relatively simple to work around with. In fact, through this platform, you can create the perfect Facebook group cover photo in just four easy steps. Similar to Adobe Spark, you first need to choose the size of the banner required. There are nearly 20 000 templates on display, and you can easily select one from among them. Now customize the template to suit your needs. You can easily add or subtract any element to the template. This makes it a breeze to add information about your brand and make it noticeable. Once you have made a perfect banner, you can download it and apply it to your Facebook group cover.

  1. Fotor

Fotor allows you to create a simple Facebook group cover photo in a matter of minutes. You just apply a few clicks and your work is accomplished. Not only that, here you can customize a pre-made template to suit it to perfection. As a bonus, you can start your own banner from scratch and make it as per your needs. Once you are sure that the perfect group cover has been created, you can even preview the image. Download it in any size that you want and apply it to the Facebook group cover though it is always wise to maintain the size specified by Facebook.

  1. PicMonkey

PicMonkey promises that with their help, you can make some rather interesting Facebook group cover photos. Using these covers, you can easily attract new and focused followers to your page on a regular basis. The templates provided on their website are helpful to make on-brand designs. If your brand has a particular style or color scheme, you could incorporate the same into your cover page. This helps the guests to recollect your brand and link it with your page. You may edit the graphics, fonts, and effects to match the style and make it suitable for your requirement.

  1. BeFunky

Sometimes you would want to make a collage of all the images you already have or are interested in showing. BeFunky’s website helps you do just that. Apart from that, the platform is also famous for the features that it offers for Facebook cover photo creation. Just manipulate the features provided by the Photo editor and smoothly create a customized Facebook group cover photo. Click on the edit panel and select the crop tool showing. Now resize your image to the aspect ratio of the Facebook banners. This ratio in most cases is 1.91: 1, and you must adhere to it. This tool is quite simple to comprehend and navigate around.

8. Piktochart

Piktochart claims and actually provides attractive options for your Facebook group covers. Using the templates offered by Piktochart, you can comfortably create pretty enticing group covers. Navigation and application of the tool are easy and can be done without any prior training. All the templates are created by experts and therefore thus look very professional. With their free library of graphics, templates, and design components, you can create wonders with your Facebook group cover photos. You can even use your data to prepare a story and post it as a banner.

  1. Fotojet

Fotojet’s collection of image templates is pretty extensive. So much so that you have innumerable options to choose around from. Whether you want a classical cover page or a professional template, the Fotojet collection has everything for you. You can browse through this collection and decide which combination you would want to pick. In fact, you can use the platform for preparing a collage Plus, the registration is free, and you do not need any download or installation to use the resources. The platform is easy to use, and with just a few clicks, any novice can create a template that is stunning.

10. Stencil

Using Stencil, any user can create a beautiful Facebook group cover within just two minutes of time. This is because they have the correct Facebook group cover photo size, so you do not have to figure out which size to choose. You could also upload your own photo or choose from the huge library of photos available for your disposal. Apart from that, there are 3000 Google fonts that you can add to your banner and make it look distinct and attractive.

Final Takeaway


When you start your Facebook group, your first objective is to get in as many members joining as possible. Naturally, the first thing any interested group member will see in your group is your cover photo. Remember that if you are a business, the popularity and success of your group dictate the future sales you will make.

The more attractive the Facebook group cover photo is, the higher are the chances of new audiences to notice it. That is why it is considered so critical to pay attention to the cover photo you choose and set on your page. You can use a lot of ways and make your Facebook group cover photos enjoyable. We have mentioned some of them, and following them is vital to gain substantial traction.

Apart from that, you will find many resources from where you can procure the images easily. These images can be converted into Facebook cover photos and grant an attractive touch to your page. At any point in time, you can use the platforms available and take advantage of the collection of images available. You could also prepare a slideshow, and the photos will automatically be changed as per the settings.

Facebook is quite strict about the specifications of size of FB group cover photo. If you mess up with the exact dimensions, it could mean that your image will look haphazard and blurry. Apart from that, on the Facebook mobile app, these cover page images might be trimmed, which is not suitable for you either. Follow the guidelines as mentioned earlier, precisely and take advantage of the engagement benefits you derive from it.

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