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Facebook Ex Black Employee’s Racial Charge, Says ‘Facebook has a black people problem’ – Top Trending Stories

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Facebook Ex Black Employee’s Racial Charge, Says ‘Facebook has a black people problem’

Pic of the black employee who has charged Facebook
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Mark S. Luckie, an ex-Facebook employee has revealed that the social media company has a racially discriminatory policy. The employee has also said that the company uses the same policy for the users as well. As the number of posts declined by Facebook is highest for the black community. According to the employee, “racial discrimination at Facebook is real.” In a long post through Facebook, the ex-employee has revealed a lot of details and has recommended steps to overcome these problems. The post describes that for a company, which has affected the lives of 2.5 billion people, the inclusion of all, irrespective of their race is important.



Apple Launches Special App Development Programme for Women Entrepreneurs

Apple camp website screen shot
Image Credits: Apple Entrepreneur Camp

Apple has launched a special app development programme for the women entrepreneurs through its Apple Entrepreneur Camp. Women participants in this event will have unprecedented access to the top engineers at Apple. This is a golden opportunity for those who had been waiting for a programme like this, where they will receive focused support and experienced guidance. The membership is offered for free for one year and the participants will have ongoing support as well. Also, the women founders will receive tickets to the next Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. To check for eligibility you can go to this link.



Microsoft for a Brief Moment Surpasses Apple in Value. Is Its Cloud Strategy Paying Off?

Satya Nadella
Image Credits: Flickr Startupik Team

Today, though briefly, Microsoft did pass Apple in terms of value in the U.S. markets. Experts believe that Microsoft’s bet on cloud strategy has paid off it well. Microsoft and Apple were fierce competitors once, but today, they are partners in many businesses. Microsoft touched $813 billion market capitalization. Whereas, Apple fell short of just a billion below Microsoft. For Microsoft, its biggest gains have come from Azure and office 365 subscription.



277 Google Engineers Wants it to Stop Censored Search Engine Project for China

Sundar Pichai Google CEO pic
Image Credits: Flickr Yiddam Quiriarte

A group of 277 Google engineers has come forward demanding that their employer stops the censored search engine project for China. Google has been trying hard to enter one of the most lucrative markets in Asia. But because of Chinese censorship, it was not able to do so. Apple and many other tech giants have adhered to Chinese law and have thriving businesses in the region. Google too wants to emulate the same process. But, some Google employees have come out in the open to protest against Google’s decision for a censored search engine version in China. With more than 85,000 employees, it’s hard to see how 277 employees making any dent on Google’s plans.



Amazon AWS now in Space, Launching Satellite Connection Service, Is it a Good Move?

Picture of Amazon CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Алексей М

With the latest push to its highly successful cloud business, Amazon is launching satellite connection service for its cloud users. Amazon will add another 12 data centers around the world for the satellite services. Experts say that within a span of 5 years, Amazon will add hundreds, if not more, ground stations across the world. Amazon’s AWS is the first to provide space-related hardware, keeping up with the demands of its users.



 Free Electric Scooters: Tech Startup’s Innovative Way to Attract Millenials

Electric scooter image
Image Credits: Blade Facebook Page

Tech startups are known for their innovative ways to attract Millenials into the workforce. From beer bashes to concerts by leading sensational singers, such as Gwen Stefani, startups have tried all the playful perks for attracting the right talent for its growth. So, it’s no surprise when a Manhattan-based startup, Blade is offering free electric scooters to its millennial employees. The company is banking on the new rave of electric scooters dubbed as ‘the micro mobility revolution.’ Are we going to see a trend of such offers by other firms too?


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