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Exploring Truthfinder: A Comprehensive Background Check Service for Individuals and Entities

There are many reasons you might wish to run a background check on an individual or entity, and if you do so, you may well have come across the service provided by Truthfinder, a company that is among the most popular in the field.

A background check is one of those services that, prior to the internet age, would have been quite tricky and expensive to conduct. That doesn’t mean you still didn’t very much want to run such a check, and the needs and reasons for doing so remain numerous.

What is a Background Check?

In simple terms, a background check is designed to give you key information about an individual or company, preferably before you are about to employ their services. A background check can be as in-depth as you require, and some providers in this field work specifically within certain niches and, therefore, may be better placed to get you the insight you are looking for.

A background check may be used to verify someone’s identity and often expands to highlight potential criminal records as well as their previous employment history. Usually, these also cover credit history, scores, and ratings.

Additionally, they will also usually give you the information in terms of military records, previous bankruptcies, marriage licenses, driving history, and social media profiles. A detailed history would essentially provide you with an individual’s life history.

Exploring Truthfinder: A Comprehensive Background Check Service for Individuals and Entities

Why You Might Need to Run Background Checks

If you run a company, then a background check is crucial, employers have to do background check. These will help make sure a prospective employee isn’t a potential liability. On an individual basis, you may want to vet a babysitter or childcare services long before you want someone taking care of your kids.

Picking the Best Background Check Provider

The online options when it comes to finding a background check service are comprehensive. This is both a positive and a negative. On the plus side, you have a vast amount of options to select from, but the downside is not really knowing where to start.

We’d always suggest the use of a comparison service to help you locate the best service for your needs, not just because they would help provide you with the most reputable brands around but also due to the fact they can highlight the key reasons and areas to look out for when you do select a service you wish to use.

What is Truthfinder?

In the world of background checks, Truthfinder is one of the leading players. Indeed, as most Truthfinder reviews attest to, they are a hugely reputable service and one that is used by a great many individuals and companies.

They were founded in 2015 and are based out of San Diego, California, and they offer comprehensive background checks and offer unlimited searches for those who subscribe to their service.

Their big USP (unique selling point) comes from their ability to dig into the deep web, as their search engines are designed specifically for this purpose.

How Does Truthfinder Work?

On a basic level, Truthfinder works as a reverse lookup application and can give you a huge amount of information about any person you wish to look for. The search facility they offer is easy to use, acting very much like a Google search engine, and provides a signed-up user with just about anything they may be looking for in terms of the individual or entity they are running a background check on.

Truthfinder uses a myriad of sources that you can use. These include a people search facility, where you need to enter the name and state of the individual. Truthfinder can then give you important information off the back of minimal input, which is one of their major selling points.

There is also a reverse phone lookup service, which is precisely what it sounds like. You enter the relevant number, and Truthfinder then gives you information about the person connected to that number.

There is also a mail search lookup that can help locate the individual behind a particular email address as well as the connected social media assets aligned to it.

Within their background checks, Truthfinder trawls through millions upon millions of records and does so relatively swiftly, especially when compared to other similar services.

Truthfinder scans through public and private records and typically are featured among the leading companies in the field and has done for a number of years now.

Pros and Cons of Truthfinder

The main downside that many report in relation to Truthfinder is the fact that you can’t just sign up and run an individual search. You need to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis, and this may be ideal for companies and businesses but less relevant for individuals who don’t want to commit financially to the process.

The flip side of this is that you can run unlimited searches once you have joined, and the service is easy to use and is very much up-to-date. The dark web aspect is also a significant bonus, and the service is very useful for running self-searches to check on any potential identity theft concerns.

The filters and advanced search areas make it easy to drill down to helpful information, and the overall interface is smooth and intuitive, which isn’t something we can say about a number of their main competitors.

Truthfinder is often the first option that those who want a background check will encounter, and on the whole, they are among the best in the business and more than likely to secure the key information you require.

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