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When Your Own Security Measures Backlash…

In this article we will tell you some of the tips on excel password recovery. Tips on how to recover your password.

I certainly belong to that growing section of folks who have a huge dependence on their work machines and consider it so critical that they never leave it under anybody else’s custody. Our work machines usually nest all those critical docs, which we would never like to play risky with and that’s the reason why we want our sole & exclusive excess to our documents and other things.

In my case, i prefer keeping a password protection over certain  documents, which are confidential as per my understanding. But quite recently, i came across a situation where i felt locked up in my own locker, backlashed by my own security measures.

I generally set my passwords too difficult to remember (as tough as 9ourgfg152$%w!aaV54), leaving no association with myself (DOB, library no. etc), trying to play safer in case of any possible hack. But such a practice can prove fatal if the document where you store your complex passwords gets lost and you have no options left to unlock your password protected documents (as the passwords are too complex to guess).

When such a possibility happened to me, i had no options left but to look out for a solution on the web to decrypt all my password protected documents (many of them were excel sheets). I came across fairly simple article on excel password recovery which referred to using a software tool that worked just fine for me. I discovered similar software tools for recovering word document password decryption as well.

If you ever come across such a situation like this, you now know what to look out for.

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