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Enable Windows 8 Defender in Windows 8

Windows Defender is one of the best ways to enable security on your system. This article will help you enable it in your Windows 8.

If you still enjoy the benefits of Windows 7 and think that Windows 8 is not the operating system for you, then certainly you have not yet known the benefits of Windows 8. Microsoft has the trend of upgrading the new Operating System with loads of security measures, every time and the same is the case with Windows 8 also. So what are the features that Windows 8 has stored for you! Here are the three features that you surely need to notice:

  • UEFI secure boot optimizations are more highlighted

  • Smartscreen Filter is extended across the filter

  • Windows Defender is included by default, and this version is very sound, which means that you face no issues from the threats of not only the spyware but malware too.

However, the sellers of Windows 8 based gadgets did not like it much, and they tend to deactivate Windows Defender 8 and offer the boxes with other security suites like McAfee, Norton and so on. This is because, in the presence of the default security in Windows 8, other security software will not work.

Enable Windows 8 Defender in Windows 8

Activation of Windows Defender in Windows 8

If you like to play with all the security software and choose the best one yourself, this is good for you. But, if you are not the one, who registers with the third party software, then you need an alternative. You cannot expect the Windows Defender 8 to reactivate itself and without enabling its features it is so obvious that you are exposed to all the threats of the online world. So, it is very essential to activate or reactivate the Windows Defender in your PC for feeling secure.

Here are the instructions to help you activate the Defender in Windows 8.

Step 1

To begin with, you need to hit the Start screen, which has a modern look at this version. Then type “Windows Defender” so as to begin searching the program. An icon of the Windows Defender appears on the screen, and you need to click it. Now, a new window of the Windows Defender opens on the desktop. If this software has already been disabled, you will be able to see red tones and a warning “At Risk”. Also, the image of a computer screen with an X on it.

Step 2

At the top of the window, a “Settings” tab is available, click it. On the left pane, see to that the “Real Time Protection” is selected. Also, check the box “Turn on Real Time Protection”, if it is not on. Click the button “Save Changes” and the process is complete.

Step 3

Now, you can see the status “At Risk” is not red anymore, but green shaded. Also, the computer with X image is replaced with a PC status called protected.

Step 4

Check the PC is now Malware Free

This does not make the process complete though. There is yet the checking for the malware protection left. You need to download the most recent malware definitions. For this, click the “Update” tab. Then you would be able to see the update button, in a bigger size in the middle of the window, click it. This will lead to the download of latest malware definitions available in Microsoft’s file.

Open the “Home” tab. You can see a button named “Full” in the scan options. Now, click “Scan Now” and the Windows Defender takes some time to check the computer thoroughly for any case of malware and spyware. Now you can rest while the scan goes on!

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