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How To Enable Remote Desktop Connection On Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

If you want to access your system remotely then learn here how to enable remote desktop connection On windows 7 home premium SP1

A remote desktop connection comes in handy in many situations. For instance if you are in need of some files on your desktop and it is too cumbersome to physically go and get them. Sometimes you might face problems with your desktop. The technical support person can sort out the problem for you from his location than come to you. With the many advantages of remote desktop connection you would expect that all the operating systems have provided this feature. Unfortunately it is not so. If you have a Windows 7 home desktop chances are that this feature is not available to you.

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So, how to enable remote desktop connection on windows 7 home premium SP1? One way of doing that is to use the feature that is inbuilt in Windows 7 home desktop – the Remote Desktop connection attribute. This way you can avoid the risks that using outside software brings. This attribute is by default disabled so first thing to do is to enable it. To do this, go to Control Panel. Click on Advanced system settings then the remote tab. Here you will find two options – the first option allows you to connect from any computer running any version of Remote Desktop and the second option allows you to connect only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network level authentication. Obviously the first choice is not as secure as the second one.

But sometimes you might find that windows 7 home premium desktops do not accept connections from Remote Desktop. Fortunately there is a tool called the Concurrent RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) patcher which can be used to enable a single user to log on to simultaneously on multiple desktops. Another advantage is that this tool also allows you to enable Remote Desktop connection. If you don’t like the changes brought about by the patcher then you can always go back to the initial position by clicking on the Unpatch button.

Another way to remote access your desktop is using a VNC protocol. The VNC or Virtual Networking Computer protocol allows the user to remotely control and see a computer via the internet. To use this protocol you must have a VNC server running on the desktop that will control the other computer. And the other computer must have a VNC client running. But before you go about setting up the VNC protocol you should set up an SSH server to take care of the security aspects of controlling a computer via internet. SSH is another protocol which is used for secure data communication over remote networks.

The difference in how VNC works as opposed to RDP is this. When you are using RDP the host desktop sends a description to the client computer and it is the responsibility of the client to draw the picture according to the description. When using VNC the host computer sends the picture to the client with some very basic optimizations. So VNC might appear to be faster but it is only you who can find out which is more suitable to enable remote desktop connection on windows 7 home premium SP1.

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