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EmailMarker – Real-Time Email verification and Email Cleaning Services

EmailMarker is a start-up that provides e-mail verification services that was founded on Jan 2017. It is a trusted solution by many small businesses and large organizations alike for their e-mail verification and email cleaning services. Since there can be many invalid or fraudulent email addresses in the list, most of your emails do not get delivered to the intended recipient.

EmailMarker is your ideal digital marketing solution which can scan through all the email addresses in your list and get rid of all the junk and invalid email addresses. This ensures maximum deliverability of emails and improved click-through-rate (CTR), which can enhance your conversion rate as well.


It is the most secure and reliable email validation service which can filter all the invalid and junk addresses from your email marketing lists. It can instantly detect fraudulent email accounts which are unsafe to send and safe guard you from complaints, spam traps and hard bounces. EmailMarker can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by filtering out bad email addresses and increasing the open rates.

If more emails get delivered to the right target audience, you can improve the ROI of your email marketing campaigns and your sender reputation among ISPs. You can reduce the bounce rate and increase the rate of deliverability of your marketing and promotional emails. By removing the misspelled and bad email addresses, you can save a lot of money spent on your email marketing campaigns.

Real-time API

They offer real-time API which can be used to validate the email addresses within your website or Application. Their real-time API can be integrated inside your application using any of the technologies such as .Net, NodeJS, Python or PHP and offers the perfect tool to prevent spam or invalid email addresses.

They use different techniques to validate an email address such as SMTP testing, RFC syntax inspection and validating the existence of a user account. They can also identify and merge duplicate email addresses in a list. EmailMarker helps you to filter out poor and misspelled email addresses and generate high-quality email marketing lists. You can boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by increasing the deliverability and minimizing the bounce rate.


They have various control processes to systematically remove any spam traps. They also make use of domain validation techniques to remove all email addresses with invalid, parked or inactive domains.


EmailMarker offers a competitive pricing when compared to similar products available in the marketing. You can verify up to 150 email addresses for free and they charge a fixed amount based on the number of email addresses you want to validate. For verifying 1000 email addresses, the price is 3$ and it can cost 21$ to validate 10000 email addresses. You can verify up to 2 million email addresses for a small cost of $999.


Their email verification services can guarantee 97% accurate results and they provide 24/7 customer support through online chat, email and phone. They also provide money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. EmailMarker offers the most affordable and reliable email verification services which can be a handy tool for digital marketing companies.


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