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Elon Musk Removes ‘X’ Sign from San Fransico Head Quarter amid Backlash

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Elon Musk Removes ‘X’ Sign from San Fransico Head Quarter amid Backlash

The giant “X” sign that was installed on top of the former Twitter headquarters in San Francisco has been taken down. The sign was only up for three days before it was removed. The sign was part of Elon Musk’s efforts to rebrand Twitter as “X.” However, it was later found out that Twitter did not take necessary permissions from the officials before installing the sign. Additionally, some neighbors complained that the bright lights from the sign were causing light pollution. This latest fiasco is just another reminder that Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter to ‘X’ is proving to be too controversial and challenging.


Google Assistant reportedly to embrace Generative AI


According to sources, Google’s voice search Google Assistant is pivoting to generative AI. This means, apart from replying to your voice queries, Google Assistant can very soon create new text, images, summarize web pages and generate other creative content like writing poems and producing custom artworks. The move to embrace generative AI makes sense as it is likely to make Google Assistant more engaging and useful for users and even shoot up its popularity. Although Google Assistant has been there for several years, it doesn’t enjoy much popularity among the web browsers.


iPhone 15 Pro to Sport Thinner Bezels, Titanium Frame, and USB-C Charging”

According to Bloomberg, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to feature a number of new changes, including thinner bezels, a titanium frame, and USB-C charging. These changes are likely to offer several benefits. For instance, thinner bezels and titanium frame is likely to add to the durability and overall strength of the iPhone 15. USB-C charging, on other hand, would allow iPhone users to use the same charger for their other devices, such as their laptops and tablets. However, it is important to note that these are just rumors and Apple still hasn’t confirmed to any of these rumors. iPhone 15 is expected to be officially unveiled in September this year.


Generative AI to push Metaverse users to over 600 Mn by 2026

A report prepared by ‘The BanklessTimes’ has predicted that the number of metaverse users will surpass 600 million by 2026. The report cites ‘generative AI’ as one of the key growth factors behind this impressive growth. The report further predicts that metaverse products and services is expected to reach $800 billion by 2030 and it will become an major economic force by the same year. Although there has been substantial hype around Metaverse in last one year, the technology is still in nascent stage. That said, Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us.


Apple’s Parental Controls Affected by Major Bug, Apple confirms


Apple has confirmed that a major bug is causing issues with parental controls on all its devices. The bug, which is related to the downtime setting, allows children to bypass the time limits that parents have set. This means that kids can continue to use their devices even after they have reached their daily limit. Apple has said that it is continuing to work on fixing the bug but hasn’t given any timeline on when this bug will be fixed. Apple Users, on other hand, can try some temporary solutions like using third party parental control app and restarting the devices.

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