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Elevating Your Brand With Marketing Analytics Tools

Elevating Your Brand With Marketing Analytics Tools

Maximising your brand visibility is essential for increasing leads and sales for your business. Therefore, you need the right analytics tools in place to help you achieve this in every area of your marketing.

This article will take you through what marketing analytics tools are best for your brand, and how they can help you elevate it.

Read on to learn more.

What marketing analytics tool is best for your brand?

When it comes to marketing analytics tools, the most effective software to incorporate into your business is call tracking.

This advanced software allows you to attribute every caller to the specific marketing sources they originated from.

This is done by assigning dynamic phone numbers to every visitor, so each caller’s journey can be traced in its entirety, from the very first interaction to every touchpoint they visit before, during, and after they call.

With this expert visitor-level tracking, you won’t lose any crucial data when a customer ends their session on your website, and then revisits or calls later on – as you would with more basic level call tracking.

Using these essential analytics, you can gain a full picture of your marketing performance, seeing which of your campaigns and channels are most effective at driving leads and sales, whether it be calls, enquiries, or purchases, for example.

By using call tracking, you can therefore apply certain strategies to elevate your brand in a number of ways.

A New and Improved Martech Culture

Adopting call tracking in your business is highly important since you can create a new marketing technologies (martech) culture that boosts your brand with accurate analytics.

With intelligent and automated analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your marketing performance, and how customers are interacting with your business.

As well as this, it makes it easier to identify any areas that need adjustment and implement strategies to optimise your leads and sales.

For instance, where you might have originally needed to manually track the journeys of customers – with limited data – call tracking can give your business an extensive look into how each visitor is engaging with your business, from the first interaction down to the end-point.

This will show you clearly how well your brand is resonating with prospects, and what the strengths and weaknesses of your brand are.

Magnifying your brand values more clearly

With call-tracking software, you can bring more visibility to your brand values and inspire more customer loyalty and trust in your business.

The software can highlight the main channels and campaigns which are receiving the most visits in the customer journey.

You can then target these points for new campaigns which highlight specific things about your brand.

For example, this could be a social media campaign focused on the quality of your staff, the years of experience in your business, or the effectiveness of your customer service.

Being centred on the main points of engagement in your marketing, these campaigns will be interacted with by large numbers of customers, and your brand visibility will increase rapidly.

More insight into customer behaviour

Call tracking can also give you keen insight into customer behaviour, and what they need from your brand.

Using the software, you can spot the specific keywords being searched by customers to reach your website. For example, this could be short or long-tail keywords relating to pricing or product quality.

When you identify these patterns, you can see what customers are drawn to when interacting with your business. As a result, you can adapt your campaigns to reflect these crucial aspects of your brand – i.e., campaigns that highlight your product quality or competitive prices, etc.

This will help reflect the expertise of your brand through your marketing, in a way that’s targeted at what your customers need.

With expert call-tracking software to aid you, you can strive to make your brand the superior choice in your industry!

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