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Electric Cars Must Make Some Noise! – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Electric Cars Must Make Some Noise! Rules EU

Image Credits: Flickr Gillfoto

EU is going to make it mandatory for Electric vehicles to make some noise so that the pedestrians can know when they are near it. From July 1st onwards, all EV four-wheeled vehicles in the EU will require noise generating device (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) or AVAS. The noise will operate while going at speeds of 19km/h (12MPH) or below. The rules have made some happy, while others aren’t. Some believe the rule must work on all speed limits. However, the hope for quieter streets in future is also getting jeopardised here. So, what do you think, should there be such a system all over the world or should EVs remain quite? Link.



Amazon Engineer’s Ingenuity, A Simple Hack to Prevent His Cat From Bringing Dead Animals Inside

Screen grab of YouTube presentation

All cat owners have a common problem. Their lovely cats bring dead animals inside the house. An Amazon engineer has a come up with an AI solution that restricts the entry of pet cat inside the house if it brings any dead animal. The engineer used Amazon’s own DeepLens for AI-enabled camera and the cat flap in the door uses an Arduino-powered locking system. Link.



Huawei Ban Trimming down, As Previously Predicted?

Image Credits: Flickr Geenius Meedia

Trump has promised in latest talks with China that the US will not impose any new ban on Chinese goods being imported. Huawei has also been allowed to import widely used goods from the United States of America. Companies such as Microsoft, Intel and other major companies will be able to continue with their business with Huawei. However, Huawei has said that it will tread with caution. Huawei is still on the US’s blacklist for security reasons. Link.



Will You Eat the Food Made From Electricity, Water, and Air? Soon to be in Our Supermarkets

Image Credits: Solar Food Facebook

A Finish company, Solar Foods has claimed that it has successfully made food for consumption from electricity, water, and air. The company is confident about its product and plans to sell over 50 million such meals starting next year through supermarkets. It also plans to sell it to space agencies for astronauts. The food that it makes is protein-rich. And it looks and tastes like wheat flour. The costs are also minimal at €5 per kilo. Link.



US Troops to Test Tiny Drones in Afghanistan

Image Credits: US Army Patrick Ferraris

The US troop is going to use tiny drones in Afghanistan. The drone can easily fit inside your pocket! The 1st Battalion of 82nd Airborne Division’s 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment will start using these pocket-sized drones from next month in Afghanistan. The US army is figuring out the best way to use it. Link.


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