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Economic benefits of e-Waste recycling

In this post we will tell you harmful effects of e-Waste, why should we recycle e-Waste and the economic benefits of e-Waste recycling.

Ever questioned yourself, what happens to the discarded and scraped electronic equipment in your office? When you don’t just sell iphone (or any other phone you carry for that matter) but instead, choose dropping it in the the scrap-box for some strange reason, you’re indirecting contributing in a growing menace of hazardous electronic waste, also known as e-Waste.

Well, this is a much discussed about topic. However, if you are hearing this for the first time and thinking of Googling the term “e-waste” we urge you stay put for a while as, by the end of this article you would have answers to all your queries and concerns about e-Waste and how to recycle old cell phones. economic benefits of e-waste recycling

Without any further ado, let us bring to you some facts and figures. Industries in various sectors have grown for our good; howbeit with the boom in digitization in offices e-Waste deposits have touched the brim. Every year, approximately 55 metric tons worth e-waste is deposited throughout the world. Whooping! E-Waste is the fastest advancing element of the total waste accumulated across the globe. What is even more alarming is, not only the developed ones but also the emerging nations are becoming dew-points of e-Waste.

Why is e-Waste harmful?

So, what exactly is the reason for so much fuss about e-Waste? E-Waste comprises a plethora of highly toxic elements such as mercury, lead and cadmium which also in turn are highly reactive in nature.  On dumping them into swamps it mingles with the atmosphere and can have adverse effects towards health and nature.

Factors Impacting the Alarming e-Waste levels

  • The aggregate lifespan of a computer system in developed economies have skimmed down to 2 years from 6 years during last decade.
  • Mobile phones used by corporates are refreshed every 2 years.
  • Computer and portables sales have increased by 20 % during the last 5 years.

Why Should you Recycle?

Why should I sell my phone  which is outdated and recycle it? It is difficult and illogical to stop a developing nation from indulging and investing in computers and electronic medium. It would rather make more sense to convert these e-Waste into productive and economic solution.

Recycling has blessed mankind in more than one way. If we are to reap economic benefits from e-Waste, smart recycling is the only solution. e-Waste can be source of valuable and precious metals such as Gold, zinc and copper.

Here we are not talking about preserving an obsolete product in your cupboard; we are talking about recycling them. Recycling is imperative and indispensable keeping in mind factors like preserving natural resources and breathing a fresh air. Currently only 24% of consumer durables are recycled. While campaigns are undertaken across the globe to spread awareness about recycling, the real challenge lies in reaching the mass and remote locations. Also, there is a lot to do with the attitude and acceptance of individuals.

How can you Benefit from Recycling e-Waste?

Not only will recycling let you live in a cleaner and greener earth, it has every potential to boost your earnings. This is fact and not just meant to convince you for recycling your electronic equipments.

> Recover and Regenerate valuable, precious metals – Almost every consumer durable appliance contains copper, zinc or even gold. Used in various components like wirings, channels or circuits. Your scrapyard itself might contain some high value metals waiting to be recycled. Once recycled the manufactures wouldn’t have to build the equipment from the scratch. Thus, resulting in lower production costs! Proving counter productive for both consumer and the manufacturer. One can also choose to earn benefits by selling the precious metals as raw materials to some manufacturers or suppliers. We mean hard cash benefits here!

> Reuse to charity – This doesn’t involve any substantial or hard cash profits. However, there are needy people who can benefit out of it. When you determine that the equipment is not suitable for your use any longer, do not scrap it straight away. You can give it away to various NGOs or Institutes educating poor children or delved in mass interest. They will reuse what you labeled outdated and scrapped and in this way save costs for buying new ones. Charity is your benefit here!

> Creates opportunities – When you chose to recycle you create an opportunity for a professional recycler. Recycling is directly proportional to creating jobs for Recyclers and dismantlers. Skillful professional recycling is a unique job and not many chose this as career due to lack of opportunities. So, if you represent a company and chose to recycle you can restore the faith of individuals for this demanding profession. Also, at the same time if there are more number of recyclers available in the market recycling costs and turn around time will be also reduced radically.

> Save land used as landfills and dumps – Dumping all your discarded equipment and devices requires acres of land that too at a distant location. The cost incurred in transporting the e-Waste or maintaining the landfill is substantially high. Whereas, when you recycle, the same land could be used as an investment in property. You could cut down on the transport costs and utilize the money elsewhere.

These are only some of the economic benefits of Recycling e-waste. Recycling is a practice that needs to be perfected by all of us. It has to be a joined-up effort rather than individual. Every nation has devised more than one policy to utilize e-Waste and the results are visible, albeit slow.

Corporates and individuals need to have a proactive approach towards recycling e-Waste. As already pointed earlier the real challenge lies in spreading the word and electronic media plays a very important role in educating the mass and making them aware of the recycling norms. It is easy, smart and cheaper than filling lands with e-Waste.

Join the cause of recycling for a healthier and greener planet. Let us gift a brighter future to ourselves and the generations ahead!

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