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Struggling to Win Last-Minute Bids on eBay ? Get GoSnipe !

In this article we will tell you about ebay auction tool gosnipe. goSnipe is a simple web tool that places bids on your behalf on any chosen eBay listing.

Do you stick around ebay auctions to grab some item with minimum bidding price and realize moments later that you have been outbid by little higher price than your bid ?  And no matter how many times you place your revised bid, this keeps happening like an indefinite iteration with you, which eventually wastes a lot of your time and often ends you up as a losing bidder.

If that’s been bothering you then you just need to stop bidding and start sniping on eBay with goSnipe. goSnipe is a simple web tool that places bids on your behalf on any chosen eBay listing at the very last moment of bid closing.

When you join goSnipe with your eBay account credentials(don’t worry, your information remains encrypted and safely stored), this eBay Sniper provides you a seamless search UI for searching eBay items and sniping your chosen items with whatever maximum bid price you are willing to pay.

Once the price is set, you just relax and let goSnipe place the bid on your behalf at the last few seconds of bid closing. As your bid gets placed in the last moments, chances of a bidding war among bidders, which eventually increases the bid price, decreases. This way, your probability of winning any eBay auction multiplies, without any added effort.

For further convenience, goSnipe provides a quicker way of sniping your eBay auctions. Simply add this auction sniper in your bookmarklet toolbar and whenever you’re on any eBay auction page, just click the goSnipe bookmark, set the max price you’re willing to pay for the item and goSnipe. For any frequent eBay user, this web service brings a lot of relief and is therefore a Must-have tool.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is creating ‘Bid groups’. Bid grouping lets you snipe multiple auctions of similar items and once any of the bids from the bid group is won by you, the rest of your snipes are auto-canceled. This maximizes your chances of winning the item at the desired price.

So, from now on, don’t bid, start sniping !

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