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Easyjet Flight Tracker App for Windows 8 Phones

In this article we will tell you about easyjet flight tracker app for windows 8 phones. Here’s the details.

easyJet are one of the cheapest airlines available these days. A lot of people have been using this airline service but this is not the reason this service has been included in this post. In this post we will be talking about the easyJet flight tracker application that has recently been introduced on the Windows platform for all the Windows 8 powered devices. This application is synced with all the latest easyJet flights and routes which you can very easily access and check via the easyJet Windows 8 application.

When you have this app on your phone, you can easily check the current status of your flight, latest information about your journey, any disruptions in the flights and many more details. The app is capable of providing you the access to the arrival and departure times of all the easyJet flights for a particular day on your device’s screen.

If you are not boarding a flight but are supposed to pick up some one from the airport who is on board an easyJet flight, even then the app will make this job easier for you as you can have access to the most updated and the latest flight information, of the person you need to pick up, in your hands with this app.

With this app, you can gather information about any particular easyJet flight and can save it as your favorites for easier and quicker access to their respective schedules. This app will be of much use, especially to the people who commute regularly via easyJet flights. But, as this is the first Windows 8 app from easyJet, most of the Windows 8 habitual users would find some glitches in the app but still the app is a really sincere effort by easyJet to please its customers and is really appreciated.

But, there are no options regarding the purchasing and ticketing information of any easyJet flights in the app yet. Maybe easyJet wanted to start simple and then go more sophisticated as it proceeds.

Easyjet Flight Tracker App for Windows 8 PhonesThe main and the most basic features of this easyJet flight tracker application have been enlisted below. Have a look for yourself:

  • With this app, you can easily track and search various flights either by their respective flight numbers of by their departure or destination airport locations.
  • You also have the option to track and search for flights that are due to departure either today or tomorrow very easily using this app.
  • You can very easily save all your favorite searches in the favorites section of this app so that you do not have to look for them again and you have a very quick and easy access to those flights using the app.
  • You can also utilize the Metro user interface of your Windows 8 device and pin your respective flight and all its related information as a tile on your device’s Metro home screen so that all the latest information is there with you in a really easy access.

You can very easily download this application from the Windows 8 store to your Windows 8 powered device form the link that has been provided below:

So now, never miss any relevant easyJet flights’ details even if you have a Windows 8 powered device as you can now utilize the respective app to make your experience with easyJet even more pleasant. Let us just hope that the developers will soon push an update to this application, fixing all the prevailing bugs in this app and adding the anticipated and required features in the update.

Have a pleasant flying experience with easyJet utilizing the new easyJet flight tracker app for your Windows 8 powered device.

Bon Voyage!

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