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EaseUS Review

EaseUS is an advanced backup and restore software for daily use. Find detailed review below. 

EaseUS Todo Backup is the new age software that takes the backup and restoring of your system to a whole new level. You can easily clone HDD to SSD or even some partitions. This software will enable you to backup, restore and clone all your applications and settings and will restore your system to the same point if a system failure occurs. It not only protects your data from unexpected system crash, but you can also use it for migration of your old hard disk data into the new one without the need for reinstalling the operating system.
Another feature that makes EaseUS Todo Backup such reliable software is the ability to clone HDD to SSD. Although one can always migrate from an old drive to larger one with the help of disk cloning, but it gets trickier when the process involves migration to an SSD first. Because the drive is relatively smaller, all your data like pics, music, movies etc may not entirely fit in. However, EaseUS Todo Backup makes that a possibility and that too with an absolute ease.

EaseUS Todo Backup
EaseUS Todo Backup

The software is easily available and costs you nothing so it is literally a treat to safeguard all your personal data before tragedy strikes. You can backup everything from OS to data to partitions and even disks. The software is very easy to use and has been incredibly straight forward. Even when you clone HDD to SSD, the process works just as smoothly. This backup system has many features available for it to be free software. There is also a scheduler that allows an automatic backup of your data at a specified time on the basis of usage. You can run the scheduler once in a week, month or even daily for that matter. It also preserves a safe copy of the old back until specified period. You can define that period for a precise date or the up till last number of backups.
The best thing about the EaseUS Todo Backup software is that it supports all kinds of backup. One can preserve selected files through partition image or clone the exact physical sector. It performs all the functions very quickly and can be easily called modest for being free for the kind of service it offers. The interface is extremely easy to use and the inbuilt support system is also user friendly. While you are trying to find your way around the software, do read the comprehensive guide that will walk you through the process and make the software usage a lot easier. You don’t have to be a techie to nail the software. If you can follow the steps as per the guide, you can rest assured that the system will not fail you.
Overall, EaseUS Todo Backup is trustworthy software that protects all your precious data for no cost incurred. While most of the features are available in it free version. But, to unlock even greater functions, you can consider upgrading full version. It can also successfully recover deleted partitions which may come in very handy in case of accidental deletions. The performance of the software is amazing and is sure to agree with the users, especially the ones possessive about their data.

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