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Download OneNote app for Android

OneNote android app has been released so you can now download onenote app for android from Android Market.

Microsoft Office team has just announced that it has released one of its most in-demand office applications, Microsoft OneNote for Android platform or in other words, OneNote android app for mobile users.

Mobile version of Microsoft OneNote, also known as OneNote Mobile was earlier exclusive to iOS then later on, a version of OneNote also released for Windows Phone OS.

But Android, which is the biggest smartphone OS by marketshare was not provided with a native mobile version of OneNote till date. But from now on, OneNote Mobile for Android is available for download for free.

With OneNote android app, you will be able to create, edit and sync your notes and all your notes will be stored and synced in the cloud through your Skydrive account so you can access those notes anytime, anywhere.

App’s price is ‘free’ for initial usage. But it asks you to upgrade the app for unlimited use, if and when you cross 500 notes. You will be required to pay $4.99 to upgrade the app for unlimited use.

OneNote app for Android has been released internationally in all major countries.

Catch up with the launch video!


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