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Does Apple not trust Google security for it’s browser? – Top Trending Stories


Does Apple not trust Google security for it’s browser?


Google’s Browser security is not enough.



IOS 13 is going to share your Safari’s browser data with Chinese conglomerate Tencent to make your browsing more secure. But this step if apple raises doubts on the credibility of Google security. Google is the most trusted browser, and trillions of users use it daily. So, why are they taking the help of some other Chinese third party?



Facebook accused of running false ads to favor Trump


Facebook posting fake news


Can a user trust anything these days? More and more scams are coming into light. Yet, we believe some companies blindly. But our trust is again put to the test by Elizabeth Warren, who is accusing Facebook of running false ads to favor Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Source: CNN



First Paypal and now Visa, eBay, Stripe, and even Mastercard are leaving Facebook’s Libra association.


paypal exits libra

Libra association the future of cryptocurrency and most stable as described by Facebook. But these companies are not digesting what Facebook has to say. So Visa, eBay, Stripe, and Master card collectively are all exiting out from the libra association.

Although, VISA has cut some slack and is going to wait for the analytical report to come out. Source : CNBC



Fortinite’s map turned into ash the biggest black hole of all time.


When the bars are so high, and users have options like PUBG and Call Of Duty to choose from, a server fault like this is going to cost them a lot.

Although their’s no such confirmation. People are speculating that the black hole is merely to make the users excited and somehow the teaser to the upcoming season. Status page of Epic Games says Fortnite is currently experiencing a minor service problem, which resulted in the outage. We don,t know how much time will it take but hope it meets the hopes of the users.


Instagram activity tab is gone


Instagram activity tab gone


Instagram activity tab was to tell you what your friends are following. To serve you with the things that your friend is interested in. But with time, Instagram users started misusing this feature, so Instagram has now removed it.

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