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DJI launches “Spark Drone” for a surprising price of $499

During the DJI’s “huge seize the moment” event in New York city, the largest consumer drone manufacturer surprised the audience with the new portable consumer drone. The size of this particular drone is as small as to fit easily in your palm. With this, the company is able to beat the GoPro in its efforts.

The price of the drone Is highly affordable at just $499. Although, all the experts in the field were expecting a price tag of at least $1000. However, the price tag has not brought down the quality of this particular drone. It is up to the standard of what the company believes and delivers to its clients.

The drone is not just a simple drone that can fly in the air but with complex equipment offering many features to the customer. The drone is jampacked with all the functionalities that one can think of and makes this particular drone a must for the average consumer.


The drone is meant to be a photo/video recording device. The company has intelligently positioned this particular drone as a “storytelling” product. The company has portrayed the drone as something which can easily be Incorporated into the life of an individual. The same story was portrayed last year with the launch of the “Mavic” drone.

Some of the coolest features of this particular drone are the ability to fly off from the palm of your hands. Moreover,  it can also land on the palm of your hand without any issues. The company was able to demonstrate the flying ability of the drone in the presence of all the mobile phones and their signals present during the demonstration in the auditorium.

The drone has the gesture control which, enables it to be a great selfie taker. When you smile with your arms folded it will click the picture. It has full HD capability however, with no 4K recording capability. The still camera is a 12MP camera. It is more like a flying smartphone. The drone has a lot of photo filters onboard such as “shallow depth” applied to the field of images.

The drone is capable of reaching a mild speed of 31 MPH and is equipped with a 3D sensing camera along with GPS/Glonass. The drone is highly stable even when flying indoors and has features which, lets it stabilised in the air while making videos and taking pictures.

This drone has a compact size with a compact price to offer. It is a big lead for the firm. A lot of people would be interested in it right now. The age of drones is going to see a new dawn on this planet.

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