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Disney will snub Netflix by 2019 for its own streaming service

Disney in its latest earnings report has announced its plans to snub Netflix. Instead, Disney has decided to launch its own streaming service by 2019. It has been a year since Disney made Netflix its solo streaming service provider for an array of productions including Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. It was earlier suspected that Disney was looking to buy Netflix. However, now it has decided to go its own way in content streaming services.

Further, Disney has revealed more details with regards to ESPN streaming services as well. Come 2018 and ESPN will have its own full fledged streaming service. The platform will feature contents from NHL, MLS, MLB and tennis Grand Slams. A total of 10,000 sporting events will make its way to the online streaming every year. The company will provide individual sports packages for the customers. Apart from all this, Disney purchased shares worth $1 billion of video streaming tech firm BAMTech, making it the majority stake holder. Now Disney will use this firm for its standalone content streaming.

Disney has decided to launch its own streaming service

Disney streaming service will not limit itself to a certain category of programs. In effect, it will feature content from various other subsidiaries. This will include all Disney library movies, Disney Channel, Disney XD programs and Disney Junior. Disney might have a plan to expand its streaming services to other genres as well. Hence it is making it clear from the onset.

Netflix will lose a considerable business if Disney goes out of its hands. Netflix recently made a strategic purchase of Mark Miller’s Comic Publishing house. Further, it did not comment on the loss of business. Instead, Netflix spokesperson said that the viewers will have access to Disney exclusive programs till the end of 2019. And that Disney is in collaboration with Netflix on several other fronts globally. In time the impact of Disney’s decision to leave Netflix will become more clear. Netflix however, has lost a crucial partner and the shares are falling big time.

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