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Discover the Biggest Technologies that Will Help the Retail Fashion Industry

Through the years, we have seen how technology changed our lifestyle. Computers made it easier to do tasks in the schools and offices. The internet on the other hand opened a world of possibilities by giving us the ability to access information with just one click. And today, smartphones and tablets revolutionized the way we connect to people.

Along with these developments, more platforms and high tech tools were developed, and are still developing. Aside from helping us connect better, they also improve the way we do businesses. The fashion industry is also affected by these inventions. Technology makes businesses more efficient.

You might be unaware of these new technologies. But if you are ready to take your brand to the next level, here are some of the biggest technologies that you need to watch out for.

Introducing Artificial Technology

Several years ago, when people hear the term “Artificial Technology”, people think of futuristic robots and tech. Back then, everyone thought that AI is going to be introduced hundreds of years in the future.

But today, this technology is already starting to reshape businesses and even our way of living. You might not notice it but we are already using AI even when we are shopping online.

One example of this is the Screenshop, which is an app that allows a user to take a picture of the look that they want to have. After doing this, the app will automatically find the items that would help the shopper create the look that they want. This is an amazing and efficient way to gather the data that users need.

Using AI, clothing businesses are now able to serve their customers better and bring a whole new shopping experience to everyone.

The Effect of Mobile Ecommerce

Everywhere you look today, you’ll find people who are focused on their smartphones. These gadgets also made a big impact to the fashion industry. With a simple swipe or tap, you’ll be able to access the world of Ecommerce.

Aside from using their phones for texting, people can now shop for their favorite items and brands. Online shops have apps or mobile websites that their customers can go to and browse if they are in need of an outfit.

Mobile Ecommerce doesn’t only make things easier for both sellers and buyers. It also makes transactions faster for everyone.

The Power of Virtual Reality


Another technology that has been growing today is Virtual Reality. We started to see this tech in the gaming world, but today, it is also being used in the fashion industry.

Virtual reality allows sellers to improve their services. If you’ve ever tried buying clothes online, you might have encountered disappointments in your orders. Sometimes the quality or the details that you are expecting to get for your items are not the same as the actual product that gets delivered to your doorstep. These kinds of circumstances frustrate a lot of buyers.

Virtual Reality offers a solution for this issue. One example is an app called DressingRoom where buyers can see how an outfit looks like on an avatar. This way, they are able to customize the measurements of the item that they want to purchase.

Through virtual reality, shoppers are can now have the opportunity to virtually try on the products and have an idea if it will fit them perfectly.

The Rise of Various Online Platforms

Online platforms are also helping brands to connect better to customers and partner with fellow businessmen. Social media platforms are now being used by brands to introduce themselves and connect personally to the online community. Since more and more people are spending extra hours online, this gives an advantage to fashion businesses. In fact, small clothing brands can put up their online shops using social media platforms like Facebook.

Aside from social media, there are also websites like sewport that clothing brands can use to connect with people to partner with. Production is very stressful but this website makes everything easier because they make it easier for you to find manufacturers, suppliers, and even designers.

Taking Advantage of Technology

These days, being fashionable is a must. We post a bunch of pictures online and it feels good to wear the right outfit. That’s why it’s important for fashion brands to deliver the best quality and services to their clients.

Today’s technological advancements are helping the fashion industry achieve its goals. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality makes it possible for businesses to give accurate measurements and show the details of their products properly to their buyers. This also benefits the customers because it prevents them from making the wrong choices when purchasing their items.

Meanwhile, mobile ecommerce is making the fashion industry grow faster and bigger. There are smartphone apps that shoppers can install on their phones and use anytime. This means that they won’t have to go to the malls just to shop. They won’t even have to open their laptops anymore just to go to a website and shop online. All you have to do now is tap, swipe, and wait for your items to get delivered.

With the help of technology, the fashion industry is reaching new heights. If you still haven’t heard it yet, the projected revenue of the fashion industry in ecommerce is $713 billion in 2020. Take note that that number only applies to ecommerce. Traditional fashion stores still hold a huge portion of sales in the industry and it will also continue to grow because of technology.

Whether you’re a shopper or a businessman in the fashion industry, you can take advantage of these advancements. There are now apps that you can purchase for your business. Buyers can also install shopping apps on their phones to have access to an infinite array of clothing stores. Overall, you don’t really need to do a lot of things to enjoy the benefits of these new technologies. All you need to have is a device like a smartphone or a laptop and an internet.


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