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Did Google Steal Song Lyrics? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Did Google Steal Song Lyrics? Genius Accuses Google of Stealing Its Song Lyrics

Image Credits: Flickr Saville
When you search for songs on Google, you come across the song lyrics on the top of the search page. This feature is provided by Google through third-party sourcing of lyrics. Genius is another firm that provides the same service. The company has accused the search giant of stealing its song lyrics. It found out about it through the apostrophes that it uses in its songs’ lyrics. Google in a statement has said that it doesn’t scrape the internet for lyrics. Instead, it uses third-party service providers for getting these lyrics. Google has assured that it will find out how this happened. Link.


There’s a Lobby in US Supporting Huawei?

According to reports, the US chipmakers are softly lobbying for Huawei. They want to see some sort of exemptions for the Chinese telecom major. People who are aware of this situation have said that companies such as Qualcomm and Intel are quietly pressing the US government to ease the ban on Huawei products. Link.



Tim Cook Calls for Responsibility, Hinting at Facebook, YouTube and Theranos in Speech

Image Credits: Flickr mixau

In a recent event at Stanford University, Tim Cook in his speech called for more responsibility from silicon valley tech firms. He said, “you can claim credit without accepting responsibility.” He didn’t name Facebook or Theranos but hinted at them. Link.



Smartphones Could Help Detect Natural Disasters

Scientists are finding ways to connect the data from smartphones and social media to detect natural disasters. Soon your smartphone will help to alert about the impending environmental disasters. At the University of Tokyo, Dr Noam David has proposed the use of smartphones with IoT devices to collect more data on atmospheric conditions. Link.


Is France on the Cusp of Revolutionising Energy Generation?

France is building a $21 billion fusion reactor that could revolutionise the way that energy is generated in this world. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) could lead the world into an era of new clean energy. It has already hit a major milestone and is halfway through to its completion. Link.


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