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Deepak Ahuja, Tesla CFO Part Ways – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Deepak Ahuja, Tesla CFO Part Ways and Why It Matters?

Image Credits: Flickr John Trump

Deepak Ahuja is leaving Tesla as its CFO after a stint of two years. Ahuja has previously worked with Tesla as its CFO from 2008-2015. Elon Musk in his latest quarterly statement of Tesla revealed the details. Although Ahuja will longer serve as a CFO, but would still hold a key advisory position in Tesla. Zach Kirkhorn the VP of finance at Tesla will take his place.



Samsung’s Dismal Profits Hint at Fierce Competition from Chinese Rivals

Image Credits: Pixabay camera4u

The mobile giant is facing a tuff fight at the hands of Chinese mobile makers. The company in its latest statement revealed the lowest profits since its defective battery debacle of 2016. The lowered demand coupled with decreasing average sales price due to stiff competition from Chinese makers are the chief causes for the decline.



Mark Zuckerberg Ready for New Experiences, a Desperate Measure?

Jeff Besoz
Image Credits: Flickr KPCB

Zuckerberg in his latest chat with the analysts has revealed his intentions to start with new vigor and launch new products.  The thing he does best. Is it a way to get away from all the controversies sounding his company? Or is it genuinely an attempt to revitalize his team? Either way, he’s trying his best to put the scandals at rest and march forward as a winner.



Chromebooks are Winning, Becomes Windows Greatest Enemy

Image Credits: Flickr Trần Trần

From the latest earnings reports of Microsoft, it’s clear that Chromebooks are eating into its profits. Although Microsoft surface-pro business is now $2 billion, there’s a 5% dip in Windows licenses. The reports indicate that Microsoft might just launch an affordable product in its Surface category.



 Probe on Apple’s FaceTime Privacy Issue in New York

Image Credits: Flickr Biz Stone

New York officials have started a probe into Apple iPhone’s FaceTime privacy issue wherein the caller could hear the audio of the receiver even before the later picks the call. NY attorney general Letitia James has opened an investigation in this regard. New York State Department’s consumer protection division has opened its lines for receiving complaints from people who are affected by this privacy bug.


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