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Dealipedia Review

Here is the Dealipedia review. Dealipedia promotes open-source efforts and empowers the users by creating “A Business Wiki” which enables its users to get relevant business updates.

What’s that


If you think that there is only one way to keep yourself fresh about the relevant business information, crucial deals, news making acquisitions, giant mergers, IPOs, magnate investments, bankruptcy news, reading newspapers,business magazines,watching business channels,subscribing tech blogs and a lot more stuff then think again ! has arrived. It has been founded by Michael Robertson, a tech. entrepreneur who earlier set the stage with (Digital music hub), (VOIP service provider) and desktop linux).

With this venture, Michael has re-validated his ideology of promoting open-source efforts and empowering the users by creating “A Business Wiki” which enables its users to get the well focussed relevant business updates at one place.

deals directory

What it offers…

  • A way to get free access to get “User contributed business information” at one spot
  • Gives an open option to the business fraternity to feature their deals, acquisitions and IPO info etc
  • Graphical representation of market behavior such as investment activity, IPO activity and other factors
  • User editable directory of small to mid-size companies together with Biz Giants
  • Relevant business history information of prominent companies to give Biz analysts a reason to subscribe this site

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • One Stop shop – Dealipedia brings a sense of relief for those business enthusiasts who have less time to spend for gathering vital news from multiple sources but want to keep themselves updated with the Business world
  • User fueled – As the system can better be described as “A Business Wiki”, the quantity and quality of data may show an exponential increase
  • No Monopoly – As of now, nothing BIG has come up in this sector of web market, domination, Dealipedia is still an ‘Early bird’ in this area
  • It’s Free – Critical business information sharing websites charge around $500-$1000 for providing their services. Dealipedia, being free to use makes it an easier option to choose

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Another Wiki ? – Wiki culture, if carries a set of advantages then there are disadvantages that follow it as well. Today, not many Wiki systems have reached the pinnacle of their respective fields
  • Lack of interest – As a website to attract millions of visitors to the site and enjoy advertisement revenues, the idea doesn’t sound well. The majority of web surfers lack interest in Bulls & Bears. Hence, market domain is limited
  • Poor participation – In spite of Michael’s efforts of employing his friends for populating the “Business Wiki” (~18K listed deals) in the initial stages, the user contribution is expected to be low because prime contributors (Business fraternity) won’t find it a cool way to share their financial information to an open & editable Wiki
  • Lacks Browsing ease – Be it the system of contributing a business data or getting some information out of the website, it requires a much desired attention on the UI (User Interface) on the system and should facilitate an ease of browsing to the end user.
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