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Critics call Apple’s Lower App Store Fees as ‘Window Dressing’ – Top trending news

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…Check it out   


Critics call Apple’s Lower App Store Fees as ‘Window Dressing’ 

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Apple on Wednesday announced that starting from 1ST January 2021 it will lower its app store commissions for software developers earning $1 Mn or less annually. In wake of the fact that Apple is facing a lawsuit filed by Epic Games, this should spell good news.  However, critics have called Apple’s latest decision as merely’ window dressing.’ Some critics have categorically pointed that the latest decision doesn’t change the fact that developers will still be forced to use Apple’s ‘payment gateway.’ Other critics have argued that developers earning $1 Mn or less barely contribute to Apple app store’s overall revenue.


Google gives ‘Assistant’ a family twist

Google Assistant – Google’s very own artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant that primarily operates on smart phones and smart home devices – has been updated with many family oriented features. One of the new features that this new update has brought is Family Notes, which acts like a sticky note style messages reminding about the dos and don’ts. Google Assistant’s Family Bell Feature is also getting a slight update..To know more please click here.


UC Berkley Researchers have developed Warehouse Robots that works faster than ever

   Robots are often used in warehouses for performing tedious pick & place work. However, despite all the technological innovations these warehouse have been unable to match the pace & efficiency of humans. But this is likely to be changed soon if there is any truth to tall claims made by UC Berkley Researchers. UC Berkley Researchers claim that their robots developed with the help of artificial intelligence & machine learning can match human counterparts. To know more click here.


General Motors is returning back to insurance business – a business that it had abandoned almost 3 decades ago.

Auto Giant General Motors announced the launch of auto insurance program with the help of its OnStar subsidiary. This marks GM’s return to insurance market, which it had abandoned long, long time back. While auto insurance is itself a lucrative market, experts point that the GM is looking to leverage invaluable customer data through this business…To know more click here..


With eyes on hybrid cloud vision, IBM is all set to acquire APM startup Instana  

IBM is more than convinced that its next burst of growth will come from hybrid cloud management. Coming with this vision, IBM is reportedly all set to acquire APM startup Instana for undisclosed amount. Founded in 2015, Instana over the years has emerged as a strong player in hybrid cloud ecosystem.

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