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Cow With VR Will Give More Milk? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Cow With VR Will Give More Milk? Virtual Fields Making A Difference

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 In Moscow, Russia cows are experiencing the benefits of virtual reality. The farmers are using modified VR headsets for cows in an experiment to see whether this would increase milk production or not. And the good news is that it does make a difference, at least on an initial level. The farmers thought that a virtual world of green, everlasting pasture would make the cows feel happy in turn resulting in better milk production. Link.



Twitter Handles Are Getting Free, Inactive Accounts Will Get Deleted

Twitter FB Banner

Twitter is going to delete inactive accounts on its platform that will free up many handles. If you were eyeing some used handles this is your time to claim it. Link.



A US Chip Maker Is Shifting Base, Will It Become A Trend?

Computer Chip

A not for profit chip maker based in the United States called RISC-V Foundation – pronounced risk-five is shifting its base from the US to Switzerland. Many who work with this organisation are of foreign descent and hence are worried that the US-China trade war might affect them as well. Link.



Here’s Your Personal Grocery Carrying Robot, Do You Want One?

Image Credit: AP

The age of robots is upon us, no doubt, but do we need a grocery carrying robot? This latest addition to our fantasy that’s more real than we thought is on sale. Do you want one? It won’t cost you much, just $3,250 and it weighs 23 kg. The robot is manufactured by Italy based firm Piaggio that is known for its scooters and a funny looking turboprop. The robot is lovingly named Gita and it has got nothing to do with Hindu mythology.   Link.



Satya Nadella Is The Businessperson Of 2019

Satya Nadella on his book launch hit refresh
Image Credits: Tech Alert.pK

Fortune has named the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as its businessperson for the year 2019. Earlier this week it was clear that Satya was one of the front runners in the race for this position. The factors contributing to Satya’s success are his unique background, support for his team, and making Microsoft a $1 trillion company under his watch. Link.


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