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Consumer Refund Deadline in Monat Legal Action Approaching

Attorney General Ashley Moody requested all the customers eligible to receive a refund from Monat Global Corp. to file their refund soon. The repayment that people are demanding is in response to litigation filed against them. Moody mentioned in her press release that Monet’s advertising campaign mislead many consumers. Such people can apply for a refund and submit it soon.

The claim should be submitted to the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division before 13th February 2021. The Consumer Protection Division investigated the company on allegations that the company offered a discount on retail prices and free shipping without informing that the customers were forced to buy in bulk to reach the threshold set for the deal.

Unfortunately, these claims are not just limited to these problems. In the investigation, it was revealed that the company was exemplifying the beauty benefits of its products. They claimed that the beauty products were clinically proven to show the desired results. Furthermore, this investigation went on to discover some other gory details.

The company claimed that its products do not contain any harmful ingredients. These include materials like polyethylene glycol, sulfates, petrochemicals, harmful fragrances, and gluten. There was also a mention that the products were 100% vegan and would not cause any side effects.

However, after the investigation, there was no conclusive evidence to prove that these claims are effective.  With the litigation suit looming on their heads, Monat decided to refund the customers affected by their products.

Monat Global Corp. has agreed to provide a refund to all those customers who purchased their products between June 1, 2014, and August 17, 2020. Apart from that, all those consumers who fill the refund form and submit the same before the date set would also get their money back.

To get the refund, the customer needs to submit the following information along with the form:

  1. The full name of the customer
  2. Information to prove the customer’s purchase of the product; either the account number or any other valid proof of purchasing it.
  3. A solid reason why you are requesting a refund, no personal reasons will be given consideration.
  4. Proof that you are returning the product for which you are submitting the claim. In case you are unable to return the product, you will have to give a reason why you cannot do so. The explanation should be given under the penalty of perjury.
  5. An explanation why the product damaged or caused discomfort to the user. Again the reason should be backed by strong pieces of evidence and proof.


Customers filed multiple lawsuits against Monat in the last few years. Customers claimed that Monat’s products harmed their scalp and led to hair loss. Apart from that, there were also claims that there was the use of sulfates and petrochemicals even though the company declared otherwise.

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Over some time, these claims damaged the reputation of the company. It also led to a thorough investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. When the validity of these claims was established, the company was forced to take note and initiate the step of asking for a refund.

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