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Companies Serious about Micro-Chipping its Employees – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Companies Serious about Micro-Chipping its Employees

Biohax conference
Image Credits: Biohax International Facebook

Major companies in Britain are in talks with the microchip makers to use this technology on its employees, according to The Telegraph. Several British companies are citing security reasons for this step. Biohax, a Swedish company, which makes these microchips said that several legal and financial firms from the UK are in touch with them for micro-chipping employees, stating security concerns as the primary reason. If this trend picks up, a common human being will become no less than an animal, microchipped and tracked like on a farm.



Is Microsoft Ditching Cortana for Amazon’s Echo?

Echo Dot Banner
Image Credits: Amazon Dot

Microsoft stores are increasingly selling Amazon’s Echo instead of its own personal assistant product, Cortana. WalkingCat has noticed that Microsoft is selling both old Echo device and the latest Echo Dot in its retail and online stores. This is an indication of deepening relationships between Amazon and Microsoft. Microsoft is shifting its focus from personal assistant AI to chatbots and behind the scenes tasks that relate more to corporate users instead of home consumers.



Google Likely to Add Public Comments: Is It a Replacement for Google+?

Google Facebook Banner
Image Credits: Google Facebook

Google is likely to add the feature of public comments, for users like you and me. According to 9to5Google, Google is toying with the idea for now. And it might not come out ever. Still, it will be interesting to see how Google will implement it. For now, the public comments will feature for live sports category only. The public comments are a way for Google to make the user engage more on its website, which means increasing the revenue from advertisers. In short, its an attempt by Google to be more like a social website.



Now Watch Movies for Free on YouTube

YouTube Facebook banner
Image Credits: Youtube Facebook

Yes, that’s right. You can now watch movies for free on YouTube. The video streaming website had launched this feature back in October, but it only got publicized now. You might not find the latest movie titles but some of the famous movies with a cult following are available for free but with ads. It seems YouTube is experimenting with ad-supported viewing on its website.



WhatsApp at it Again, Copies Snapchat’s Feature

Snapchat screen capture
Image Credits: Snapchat Press Release

WhatsApp has been really good at beating Snapchat in its own game, not by fair play but by copying Snapchat’s features. One such example is the Snapchat Stories. WhatsApp copied it and today, it has 450 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s 188 million. This time it’s more serious. WhatsApp is copying Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging. If it happens then it might wreck Snapchat.



Struggling Google Cloud Looks to Thomas Kurian, a Former Oracle Executive

Thomas Kurian on stage apeaking at an Oracle event
Image Credits: Wikipedia Sen Chang

Thomas Kurian will lead Google’s Cloud business from now on. The present head, Diane Greene is stepping down after serving for three years. Kurian has been associated with Oracle for over 20 years. Critics see it as a surprising move by Google as Oracle is a traditional company, a complete opposite of how Google works.  According to sources, Kurain is leaving Oracle due to differences with Larry Ellison. Kurain’s experience in enterprise business will come handy for Google, which is struggling in this field at the moment.


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