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Come 2025, Nobody will Dance Anymore as Robots are Taking Over – Viral Tech News

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Come 2025, Nobody will Dance Anymore as Robots are Taking Over

Dancing Robot from Boston Dynamics

The latest robot from Boston Dynamics has achieved a new milestone. It can dance and move like a professional dancer. According to scientists at Boston Dynamics, this robot is one of their finest achievements. According to them, soon it will take the place of humans and by 2025, nobody will dance anymore, only the robots will dance.



Facebook Admits its Spying on You

Portal from Facebook

Portal, the latest product from Facebook can spy on your activities. Although the company has dined such claims, citing that it would not use this data for targeted ads, the devil lies in the details. The wordings of terms and usage is at best muddy. Also, given the patchy history of Facebook, it can use this data against its own users. Portal is video-assisted chat gadget. Not only Facebook but other tech giants such as Google and Amazon are already collecting user data through voice-activated devices that people use in their homes.



Europeans will Pay for Andriod Apps

European Flag

Google has plans for charging the smartphone makers in Europe for installing Google apps such as Gmail or YouTube. After the hefty antitrust fine of $5 billion by the European Union, Google has to take this step. The company is trying its best to comply with the July verdict of EU Commission. The new policy will come to effect by October end. In a blog post, Google admitted that it needs to make up for the lost revenue in European antitrust fine.



Uber Opens Safety Hub for European Users

Uber Europe

Both passengers and drivers of Uber in Europe will now have safety tools. Uber will launch the latest safety addon in its app across 23 European countries and in the UK as well. The safety hub will include services such as adding a trusted contact for emergency calls, safety info like tracking and GPS policies. It’s a good move by Uber as it will help riders and drivers to use late night services with ease.



Canada Becomes The Second Country to Legalise Cannabis

Cannabis user

After the U.S. Canada has now legalised cannabis for recreational use by adults. The experts are on the fence when it comes to the effects of such a decision with cannabis. However, all agree that it will give an opportunity to the researchers to study cannabis more easily and find out how it will affect society.



Smule will soon Land in India, Thanks to The Times Group

Smule poster

After its $20 million successful fundraising, Smule is eyeing India expansion. Smule started off as an app maker, currently into music social network. All this after the second round of investment from Indian media firm, The Times Group.


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