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‘Lottay’ lets your friends gift you exactly what ‘you’ want !

lottayIn this article we will tell you about collaborative gifting website lottay. Lottay lets you have a collaborative gifting activity.

Most of the times,the so called ‘surprise gift’ that you receive from your friends or relatives on certain occasions isn’t the desired gift that you were praying for.So,here is a web service that helps you avoid another ugly sweater for your birthday and letting you tell your family & friends what exactly you’re looking for.

Lottay is a website that allows its users collect money from relatives & friends for a specific wish or gift.Users can create any kind of wish without having to choose from a predetermined list of items.For instance,if somebody wants to go for a trip to Europe but does not have enough money,then he just needs to upload the wish on his/her profile with images(if required) on Lottay and forward it to every such friend whom the user expects monetory contribution from.

Lottay can also prove useful for group gifts.In a situation where you have to ask for money to colleagues or supervisors for collaboratively buying a gift for somebody at the office,Lottay might prove to be an innovative solution.This whole process of creating as well as contributing money towards a gift is easy and fun with the addition of different personalization features.


What makes Lottay unique is the fact that users can either be consumers or businesses.Consumers might be interested in setting up the page to receive money from friends & businesses may want to setup a personalized page where their clients can collaborate money for a specific goal.

Lottay will majorly attract college students,young professionals and some narrow range of businesses.They have further plans for adding more personalization features and reinforcing the business platform.

Considering Lottay’s community driven model,they need to have apps built for platforms such as Facebook,Myspace and iPhone(as many social networks are purely iPhone based).This will help them engage more audiences.

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