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Gladinet: Latest Cloud Services With Familiar Desktop experience

Cloud based data storage gladinet is a service that mounts cloud storage as local folders and makes cloud computing more like desktop computing.

Note: This review is part of an ongoing Startup Fest 2011


Cloud computing is a concept which was considered fictional and unrealistic by cluster of Tech gurus few years ago but today, it’s quite plausible that the future of computing may solely belong to Cloud. With companies like Amazon, Google and Zoho exploring early opportunities in Cloud space, it was anticipated that ‘Cloud computing’ may bring some unusual changes in our conventional way of doing things on PC and Web. And the anticipation was quite right.

Cloud computing has gained enough relevance so far that even Microsoft has finally decided to go for the web based version of Microsoft Office (web based Office version will come alongwith Microsoft Office 2010). With cloud services like Google Docs, Zoho Docs among others, winning more customers each day(both individuals and enterprises), it appears that ‘Cloud’ will soon be serving every single computing need of ours, be it data storage, softwares or anything that still makes you dependent on your OS.

On the darker side, there has been concerns over the reliability and security that Cloud based computing provides. As all your data is actually hosted on web(and not your hard disk), one might feel a little insecure about his data. The users are so habitual to the conventional storage system(directories, folders,documents etc) that it makes them uneasy while making a switch to Cloud based storage and computing.

Solution ??

Gladinet Cloud Desktop, a service that mounts cloud storage as local folders and integrates web applications with local desktop. With Gladinet, you get to have a two-way advantage as you utilize the advantage of cloud storage and continue the same old storage methodology(directory and folder system).

About the security concerns, Gladinet serves its users with redundant array of cloud storage, implying better reliability. With its latest release of version 3, Gladinet has added redundant storage facility for one of the most popular cloud based services today, Google Docs and that’s just the start of the feature list that has been added to the existing services.

It means that your Google Docs are not only stored on Google’s servers but also on some other cloud based storage service(Amazon S3, EMC…) as a regularly updated back up of your critical documents.

In case, you ever feel the need of switching your cloud storage service provider, Gladinet makes your transition as easy as it could possibly be.

In the end, Gladinet appears to be a great utility and probable to accelerate along with the fast growing Cloud computing space.

Here is an introductory video about Gladinet

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