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Why Chrome should’ve better stayed in ‘Beta’ !

In this article we will explain you about the chrome incompatibility with orkut chat. Orkut Live chat(recently introduced) is disabled on chrome browser.

In general,i love whatever comes my way that belongs to Google,be it Chrome,Android G1(latest ones) and many of the old and successful services(Gmail,Google Apps,Google Maps,Orkut,Google Earth and many others).And i trust brand ‘Google’ to an extent that i don’t expect slightest level of incompatibility within its services.

But one thing that i realized today made me re-think over (sort of)blind trust i had on Google’s services till now.

Prior to the launch of Chrome,i started using it and i confess that i came across many bugs/issues(out of which few got addressed in Chrome’s timely updates) but many left completely untouched but i am still on Chrome.

And as Google also used Orkut(one of the biggest social networks internationally) to promote its new browser,it was looking like Chrome’s usage will increase substantially which later happened as well.(it has more than 10 million users as of now).

But now,when Google has officially announced that Chrome is no more in Beta(prior to 15 releases in 100 days),any Chrome user would be frustrated when still coming across ‘silly bugs’ in Chrome and that’s what exactly happened with me.

I generally use Facebook and Orkut for sharing my social space online but today itself,i realized that Orkut Live chat(recently introduced) is disabled as my browser(that’s Google Chrome) does not support this feature of Orkut(Another Google service).

Forget about audio/video glitches of Chrome but this is literally ‘height of incompatibility’ when two Google product/services are not mutually compatible.

Astoundingly,when i first came across Orkut Chat,it worked fine on Chrome but now,it’s showing compatibility issues.

I think,team behind Chrome has done it too early to declare Chrome ‘Out of Beta’.They better do something about it.(i am waiting for next installment of Mozilla now)

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