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Choose Your Favourite Uber Driver – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Choose Your Favourite Uber Driver, Only In California For Now

Image Credits: Flickr Robert Gillings

The gig law in California is forcing the ride-hailing companies to make changes to how it operates. Uber, for example, has now introduced a feature for its riders to select their favorite Uber driver. Also, the riders will see a price range for rides rather than a fixed price per ride. Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing service providers are looking into the business models that seem to be not working in its favor after the law has come into effect from Jan 1, 2020. Link.



Is Twitter Giving More Power In The Hands Of Its Users?

CEO of Twitter attends 'dmexco' in Cologne
Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

Twitter will soon launch a feature that will allow its users to restrict abusive replies to their tweets. The announcement was made at CES 2020 by Suzanne Xie, the company’s director of product management. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had earlier hinted at such a feature. Now the same is coming into reality. Link.



Get Your iPhones Prepared For A Night Shot, Apple Will Award The Best Night Pic

Apple symbol
Image Credits: Flickr shaeenhaque

Apple will pay five iPhone users for its best night mode shots. Send in your best night photography taken with an iPhone to Apple for the prizes. You have until Jan 29 to submit your entry. Photos can be shared on Apple social media channels or through emails. The night mode was introduced in the iPhone 11 series. Link.



Intel And Google Joining Hands For High-Performance Chromebooks

Image Credit: Flickr Kevin Jarrett

At CES 2020, Intel and Google have announced a partnership to build chips for Chromebooks under project Athena. The development of these chips will focus on making powerful Chromebooks capable of handling high demanding tasks. Link.



Ivanka Trump’s Presence At CES A Success?

Image Credit: Flickr Michael Vadon

Critics believed that Ivanka Trump’s presence at CES would only mean ridicule by the tech community. But that didn’t happen. In fact, it seems that the visit by the Ivanka Trump was a success. Link.


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