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Chinese Scientist Claims First Genetically Modified Babies, Resistant to HIV – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Chinese Scientist Claims First Genetically Modified Babies, Resistant to HIV

He Jiankui, the scientist who claims on first genetically modified babies
Image Credits: MIT Technology Review

He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist has claimed that he has created the first genetically modified babies. According to him, he was able to edit the genes of twin baby sisters and make them immune to HIV. The scientist works in Shenzhen at the Southern University of Science and Technology. The story was first published by MIT Technology Review. Now, the scientist is under investigation by the Shenzhen City Medical Expert Board. The experiment has raised several ethical and legal questions. Many called the babies as guinea pigs. This news has come at a time when a global event is underway in Hong Kong, debating gene-editing technology. Also, a group of 122 academics and scientists have condemned He’s experiment.



Higher Tariffs Looming on Apple Products, Are You Ready to Spend More?

Trump During the U.S. elections
Image Credits: Pixabay geralt

Trump has suggested a 10% tariff on Apple iPhones and laptops that are imported from China. Some have suggested that the latest expensive release from Apple staple was a preemptive move keeping this type of development in view. After this news was published on WSJ, the stocks of Apple saw a dip of 2%.



 Amazon is Working on A Top Secret Wireless Tech, What’s Amazon Up to?

Amazon Facebook post on VR glasses
Image Credits: Amazon Facebook

An interesting list of test locations from Amazon’s latest FCC filings has indications towards the tech giant’s plans for something big. The tech is related to public broadband services called Citizens Broadband Radio Services. Amazon’s warehouses have the capacity to test this type of technology. It’s not the first time that a company is testing with this technology. What matters is the size at which Amazon is aggressively testing this technology in California and the secrecy behind it. Many believe that Amazon is eyeing the sharing economy.



Unexpected Mega Real Estate Deal by Google

Shoreline Technology Park ariel view
Image Credits: Google Map

In an unexpected mega-deal, Google has paid a monstrous $1 billion to purchase Shoreline Technology Park in Mountian View, California. This is the second highest real estate sale this year in the U.S. after yet another Google purchase of Chelsea Market in Manhattan for $2.4 billion. The business park already houses Google’s offices.



Do You Really Own Your Bitcoins? Think Again, Says Law Experts

Picture of man holding bitcoin
Image Credits: Pixabay

Bitcoins are all the rage these days, despite its free fall in the exchanges across the globe. From countries accepting it as a legal currency to a state in the U.S. accepting it as a form of payment for tax, bitcoin might not result in ownership at all. According to law experts, bitcoin owners might never legally own this digital asset. For example, courts in the UK have declined to call bitcoin as an asset, since it’s intangible. Under the law, only those things which are quantifiable physically comes under the asset category. Also, the intellectual property doesn’t take Bitcoins into its fold. This leads to legal uncertainty when it comes to owning cryptocurrencies.



Music Listening Through Your Skin? Wearable Tech Takes Music to A New Level

People wearing the bands that let them feel the music through their skin
Image Credits: Music Not Impossible Facebook

Music Not Impossible has released a wearable tech for the deaf music lovers who can now wear it and feel the music throughout their body. According to the founders, skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore they would like to tap into it. One of the respondents said that it felt like living inside the strings of a piano. Now don’t limit your boundaries when it comes to music. Let your friends know about this latest tech and help those who need it the most.


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