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Looking for an interactive ‘Virtual Office’ ? Try Geniusroom !

Cheap virtual office-Geniusroom lets you have an easy & interactive interface to manage your clients, projects or relationships.It features live chat,ppt,tele-conferencing & 5GB storage

As internet has led to more globalised services than ever,’virtual offices’ are also mushrooming to let distant people interact and collaborate in easiest way possible and save out time and infrastructure as well.

So,here’s a service that serves you with your own virtual office in a unique and interactive way.We’re talking about Geniusroom

GeniusRoom lets you have an easy & interactive interface to manage your clients, projects or relationships. It features secure chat, powerpoint presentation, and 5GB of free storage to share your documents.

Click-to-call teleconferencing is available as a subscription.You can view updates on your mobile phone as well.Their patented telephony software and a streamlined interface makes working online an enriching experience.

In their own words

Having a GeniusRoom is like having a set of unlimited virtual workspaces where you can store your information securely allowing access anytime, so you work on your own schedule

Texas based Virtual Telephone & Telegraph(VT&T),the company behind Geniusroom is lead by Steve Metzger(CEO).They’ve raised $2 Million Private Series A so far.This service will primarily relate to small service companies & departments within large organizations

The team strength behind GeniusRoom is currently 11 and these folks have been working on Geniusroom for more than 2.5 yrs now.According to Isaac Squires(Sr. VP),the expansion plans for Geniusroom are well planned.They’re on their way to provide licensed technology for vertical applications,desktop sharing & PC calling(sort of in-built skype).


Each $9.99 GeniusRoom includes a discussion board,live chat,private messaging,5GB file storage,shared presentation of files,supports up to 20 members & access to your personal office.Their per-minute calling upgrade includes click to call,click to conference,receive calls on any phone,calling within US and the Canada,optional International calling(long distance charges extra)

There are herd of virtual office services out there but GeniusRoom stands unique in terms of its user interface & its focus on real time communication unlike other services which rather look conventional in this regard.Geniusroom does the same for virtual office concept what Shelfari does it for ‘readers community’.

After their recent launch early this month,they’ve managed to bring in more than 700 users and 14 significant customer accounts so far.

Their challenge would be to make tele-conferencing available to its customers at cheaper rates than other options available today.They also need more exclusive features like ‘live presentation sharing’ to make their potential customers re-think over their earlier selection for providing virtual office services.

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