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How To Change Font Of Facebook Profile Name

If you want to use different and unique font of Facebook profile name then learn here how to change font of Facebook profile name.

People are always trying to be unique, and not more so than on the Social Media. So, Facebook is no exception. Everyone tries our different things to stand out. So, some might have a very unique profile picture whereas others might have made a difference in their names. One thing that is now becoming popular is changing the font of facebook profile name. It might feel monotonous to see the same thing after some time.

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Not many people are aware that facebook keeps a limit on certain things like number of friends, events, groups, profiles and other things. Some instances of where facebook keeps limits:

  • You cannot change facebook page name after it gets 200 likes.
  • You cannot have more than 5000 friends.
  • Once a group membership reaches 250 its name cannot be changed.
  • If you have already invited 5000 people for an event you cannot change its name.

If you are planning to change the font type for your name also take care that you don’t inadvertently flout these rules

  • Your name should not contain any titles be it religious, professional etc.
  • Unusual capitalization, symbols, repeating characters and numbers.
  • Writing phrases or nicknames in the place where the middle name should be.
  • suggestive and offensive content is not tolerated
  • Characters from multiple languages.
  • Also the name should be your real name – the name that appears on your voter’s id or passport or any government issued id.
  • You can only change your name a maximum of 4 times. If you cross this limit then you will need to give id proof to confirm the name change. So, be sure of what you are doing.

Now that you know the limitations of naming on facebook profile page you can see how to actually change the font on the profile name. There are some tricks that you can use to get around the rules that facebook has put up.

One way is to use facebook itself to help you out. Look for font changing apps on facebook. Once you find what you are looking for just download and install them. You can do this by logging onto your facebook account and then visiting their app centre. When the font has been installed just change the font type for your name.

If you use the Chrome browser then you can try this trick. You can find very good apps on this browser and install them to change the font. An example of this type of app will be the Facebook font changer which can be installed on the Chrome browser. To download this app just go to the Chrome web store and download it. It is a free app. To get what you need follow their instruction. It is supposed to have 500 types of fonts.

One common trick that everyone follows is to use the Character map. If you are a windows user this is a really easy thing to do. Just go to Start and then All programs and then there choose Accessories. From Accessories choose System Tools where you will find the Character Map. Type your name here and then select the font type. Just copy it from here and paste it on facebook. You can see the change taking place on your profile name.

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