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Car tech advancements – how far have we come?

Over time, cars have changed. They’ve become one of, if not the smartest, most connected modes of transport. One day, perhaps nearer than we think, cars will become autonomous, proving a driverless way of getting around.

Taking a step back, it’s very easy to forget how we got here with our car technology, each step of our car’s evolution represents remarkable moments for engineers and innovators.

Today’s new car buyer spends less time looking under the hood and more time examining all the technology in the car. Of course, everything else about the car still matters but the importance for many is how car owners can interact with today’s sophisticated automobiles.

Among much more advanced technology, here’s a handful of the most innovative.

Anti Lock Braking (ABS)

One of the older forms of technology, this appears to still be a major contribution to road safety and is standard equipment in nearly all cars now. ABS detects when the brakes lock and releases and applies them over and over very quickly, to allow the driver to continue to steer when braking in an emergency to prevent skidding and losing control of the car.

Air bags

Air bags are so important, they save lives and greatly reduce the forces on the  body during a collision. With most recent statistic put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that from 1987 to 2016, frontal airbags have saved  a total of 47,625 lives.

Initially cars came equipped with a driver’s airbag on the steering wheel to reduce head and chest injuries and this was expanded to include front passenger airbag, side and curtain airbags and even knee bags. Airbags are deployed with a pyrotechnic charge which needs replacing over a long period of time and once they have been deployed they must be replaced – they can only be used once. If you have a child or baby carrier in the front passenger seat you must speak to your garage or manufacturer about switching off the front passenger air bag.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This has been described as a tool that can save lives. It adjusts braking and power to the wheels to retain traction and keep them from losing grip or skidding for example if you need to swerve suddenly which could cause a slide. Many cars give you the option to switch ESC off if you want.

Satellite navigation

This is perhaps one we all take for granted, but struggle to live without. A sat nav system makes finding your way around different locations so much easier and is much safer than trying to look at maps while on the road.

Many cars now have these built in now, but you have the option to buy them as a separate unit or use the map option on your smartphone as  a cheaper alternative.


Voice recognition system

This allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road for much longer. Some systems work on just one item such as the sat nav in the car, while others work multiple things such as the radio, a connected mobile phone or climate control.


Keyless access

Ever lose your keys in the bottom of your bag? With keyless access, you never have to worry about that again. It uses a button or touch sensor to open the car without the need to get the key or a fob about.


Engine stop/start

With this technology, the engine will cut out when the car is stationary. For example, in traffic jams, or at traffic lights. It helps to improve fuel economy and lessens overall environmental pollution.


Driverless cars

The ultimate technology hitting our roads is the driverless car, which one day could change the face of motoring altogether. Companies are working together to deliver this innovation more and more using different technology to build towards their goals.


As you can see, our cars have developed so much over the years, with much more to come over time. Nevertheless, we still need to take good care of these cars, more so now than ever as they can be expensive investments. So, get your cars booked in online with Halfords Autocentre between now and the 14th October for a free MOT test, ensuring your vehicle is maintained in the best condition possible.





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