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Canada Might Control Social Media Firms – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Canada Might Control Social Media Firms, To Avoid Election Meddling

Canada might bring in a law to regulate social media companies such as Facebook, according to The Guardian report. The Canadian government agrees that these firms cannot be trusted with responsibility during the election. According to the report, the officials suspect foreign actors meddling in the elections through social media. Karina Gould, the minister in charge briefed the media about Canada’s steps to mitigate social media propaganda during the crucial election period. New Zealand and the UK are already taking big steps to put some regulation on tech giants, especially the ones that have considerable reach all over the world. Facebook and YouTube have been a major cause of concern for these countries. The UK parliament has even called Facebook ‘a digital gangster.’ Canada might choose the UK’s way and appoint an independent social media regulator.



Roblox Reaches 90M Monthly Users

Image Credits: Techcrunch

Roblox is a kids gaming platform that has gained a lot of traction over the years since its initial launch. Today, the company is valued at $2.5 billion. The recent spurt in user activity is because of its international expansion and support for French and German language. About 150 trending games on this platform have added several features including parental resources. It has also paid $30 million to its creator’s community last year. As reported by Techcrunch.



Hypersonic Jet a Step Closer to Reality

Hypersonic or x25 times the speed of sound will dramatically reduce the travel time across the continents. A recent breakthrough in this technology has made it possible for the jets to travel at such speed without melting away their engines. If the tests turn into reality, travellers could experience Mach 3.3 speed on a jet. A pre-cool technology is at the core of this engine that enables it to withstand tremendous heat. Link.



SpaceX Begins Mass Production of Starlink Satellite Project

SpaceX has revealed its target production plan for its Starlink satellites project. The production will target the quota for May 2019. The satellites are reportedly being built for the internet constellation. SpaceX’s Starlink mission has transitioned from experiment to real application. The proposed plan is to build 12,000 satellites, ultimately. 2200 of those will be ready in the next five years. Catch the full report here.



 Uber’s Chief Scientist Doesn’t Believe that Self-Driving Cars will Take Over Anytime Soon

Image Credits: Flickr tom poston

Uber’s Chief Scientist told reporters that the company doesn’t believe that the self-driving cars will take over the roads anytime soon. However, the scientist did say that this technology has the potential to save lives on the road. The Uber’s self-driving tech will go public later this year. It’s also a major cause of loss for the firm. But the analysts believe that self-driving cars are going to be the major business for Uber in the long term. Link.


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