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Business on the Go – Three Things To Take Along

Business Travel Gadgets are the most important need of any businessmen who relies on internet as a communication medium.

In today’s scenario, the most important thing for any businessman or entrepreneur is to stay connected and reachable, whenever and wherever. While on a business travel, your immediate need may arrive any moment, either from your colleague, your client or anyone else critical to your business.

As the business communication is also getting increasingly dependent on Internet, staying connected to Internet is nearly equivalent to staying connected to your business. And to serve this important business need, computing machines paired with high-speed internet accessibility are slowly becoming the pre-requisites of every tech-savvy businessmen.

While on the go, Mobile businessmen prefer a laptop or a Netbook for serving their computing and web based needs. People also prefer keeping a PDA or smartphone to get onto the web & e-mails lightening fast. 3G and WiMax service subscription is a default to these smartphones as they are specifically meant to facilitate Mobile Web.

We will talk about each one of the Mobile Businessmen pre-requisites in details below.

Laptops : The first and the most popular portable substitute for Desktop PCs has been Laptops. Laptops are powerful, efficient, portable and durable, a perfect way to carry out your business activities and computing work, anytime, anywhere. On the flip side, most laptops aren’t small-sized and light-weight, which makes it tough for them to be carried along just about anywhere (coffee shop ?). Laptops also cost you more than a desktop PC with similar hardware configuration.

When are they best suited…

  • If you majorly work offline than online
  • When you’re travelling for longer periods
  • When you’re used to running multiple applications simultaneously on your work machine

Netbooks: The latest entrant in computing hardware industry, netbooks have been gaining instant popularity, majorly among the web-savvy crowd. As the name suggests, these machines are particularly designed for surfing internet and running light-weight desktop applications. It’s major advantage over laptops is Pocket portability. It might sound a little exaggerated that Netbooks can fit in your pockets but they are extremely light-weight and handy computing machines.

You can carry it without any bag and it will get you on the web within a minute or less after boot-up. The processor capability is relatively less but who really needs that extra efficiency when all what you’re doing is surfing web.

When are they best suited…

  • When you want to move around and desire a hassle-free way to get onto the web any moment.
  • When you’re supposed to do just web surfing, nothing much. That’s because Netbooks aren’t meant to facilitate heavy resource consumption (powered by cheaper, less powerful processors). More simultaneous applications mean poor Netbook performance.
  • When you want a cheaper alternative to laptops

Smartphones/PDA : We’re all used to Mobile handsets for more than a decade now and have been using it mainly for the purpose of voice communication. It’s only been a couple of years when hi-end feature-rich Mobile phones have actually started creating waves in cellphone industry worldwide. Almost all major handset manufacturers are now selling Hi-end mobile phones, aka smartphones across the globe and over the years, the unit cost has gone quite affordable, thanks to over-saturated cellphone industry that keeps putting pressure on the cellphone OEMs to cut cellphone costs for surviving the tough economic times.

Considering the capability and hardware configuration that smartphones are coming up with, one can certainly say that smartphones are no less than Mobile Computer. Most smartphones come with 3G, Wi-Fi support and big touchscreens for better web browsing experience.

When are they best suited…

  • When you don’t want to carry a netbook/laptop, just for checking emails on the go or twittering aside
  • When you’re about to dump your old cellphone and looking for a better and affordable handset
  • When you want another digital platform for keeping up with your web based work on the move

All these Hi-end gizmos have made it possible for the end users to live on the web, anytime, anywhere.

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