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BrainCheck – A neurocognitive assessment App to track your mental health

BrainCheck is a start-up based out of Houston that has developed a neurocognitive assessment App that helps users to identify if a person is suffering from concussion or not by assessing their intelligence through a series of games played on an iPad.  The start-up was founded by Dr. David Eagleman, a reputed neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in the year 2014.

BrainCheck App has an interactive method to evaluate the cognitive levels of a patient and this form of assessment has been accepted by neurologists and neuropsychologists all over the world. There are more than 3.8 million people in the US who are suffering from concussions related to sports and few of them suffer from mild traumatic injuries based on the survey by Journal of Head Trauma and Rehabilitation.

BrainCheck App
BrainCheck App

20 years of Extensive research:

BrainCheck has been launched after an extensive research on neurocognitive assessment for more than 20 years by Dr. David Eagleman who heads the Eagleman Lab for Perception and Action at the Baylor College of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. David Eagleman has been carrying out elaborative research on non-invasive and reliable methods to understand the internal function of the brain and assess its performance with state-of-the-art neurocognitive testing. Dr. David Eagleman has authored plenty of articles as well as best-selling books on neuroscience and has lectured at various hospitals and universities around the globe.

David Eagleman - Founder
David Eagleman – Founder

Track your mental Health:

For so many years, scientists and physicians have been using standard paper and pencil tests to identify concussions and to understand mental health of affected patients. But with modern technology, these tests can be offered in a reliable and easier way to individuals so that their brain health can be assessed instantly and the reports can be stored digitally for future reference. The important goal of BrainCheck App is to control the high rates of concussions among athletes, particularly students who don’t have access to physicians on the field.

The neurocognitive assessment App helps users to understand the functioning of their brain and how it responds to various thought provoking questions. Their App helps users to monitor their cognitive health over a period and track the performance improvements over time. They can also compare the performance of their brain with that of other users who have similar problems. Elderly users who are at the onset of dementia or athletes who are experiencing temporary concussion after an injury in the field can use BrainCheck App to evaluate the performance of their brain and keep track of their mental health. They can use the data obtained from this App to find ways of improvement by discussing with their physician. The data can also be used by scientists to study and evaluate the functioning of brain under different conditions.

Neurocogntive assessment
Neurocognitive assessment

How it Works?

BrainCheck conducts a series of tests to identify the mental health of an individual. Some of these tests include Flanker test, Stroop Interference test, Trail making test, Co-ordination test, Digit Symbol substitution test etc. There is a library of neurocognitive tests which are arranged into sets to detect concussions and specific deficits in the brain that appear alongside symptoms of dementia or concussion. This mobile based App can be used to detect various cognitive impairments and can provide users with a comprehensive view of their brain function in approximately 5 minutes. The App is available for download in iTunes store and can be installed in your iPad.

Seed Funding:

BrainCheck has recently raised a seed funding of $ 3million from undiscussed investors that would help them in expanding their mobile neurocognitive assessment App in upcoming markets. They are planning to expand the use of their App to screen sports personnel and Athletes for any concussions. They are also planning to use their App to screen elderly people for dementia. Yeal Katz is the CEO of BrainCheck, who holds a PhD in biological informatics.


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